''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that an unexpected character could save Kristina. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can reveal that Valerie will sabotage Sonny, in order to carry on the exhausting research on Kriss and the DoD sect. Shiloh will have one more enemy. Shiloh Archer has too many people in Port Charles who want to destroy him and there's not much left for this to happen. Meanwhile, Alexis maintains a controversial attitude. While she wants to help her daughter, she doesn't seem to be getting to the bottom of it.

Valerie vs Sonny

''General Hospital" tell us that Valerie has discovered that Sonny is taking care of her family. At the same time, Harrison wants to have certain answers about Corinthos. Both are determined to find Kristina, who has been kidnapped by Jason. The girl is being treated by Dr. Neil, who is trying to get her detoxified from the psychological manipulations suffered by Shiloh and other members of the DoD sect.

Kristina is convinced that only by staying in the community house can she be happy. In this regard, Valerie and Carly could meet to decide how to proceed with Kristina and her obsessions. Shiloh is increasingly dangerous and both Sam and Jason are risking big risks, as they are deceiving him.

If Sam has pretended to be a follower of the DoD sect, Jason has kidnapped Kristina on the very day of his initiation, avoiding the worst.

Shiloh has too many enemies

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Alexis is hiding a secret. Fans of the soap opera know that Alexis is the former district attorney and that she claimed to be in contact with Kristina.

In this regard, one wonders why Valerie and Harrison did not ask her for help for Kristina. Probably, some of them have something to hide. Also, Alexis is Kristina's mother and should have protected her regardless.

Willow confided in Chase, telling him what happened inside the DoD and what Shiloh was capable of. At this point, a question arises: if Harrison was aware of what Kristina was going through, why didn't he intervene in time?

General Hospital other spoilers reveal that there will be a behind-the-scenes story about Margaux.

Margaux knew what Kristina was going to meet. Moreover, she is aware that Sonny would never have wanted to make Krissi suffer. We can't rule out the possibility that it's Margaux herself who's shaking up the storyline about Kristina, even though she knows that Shiloh could take revenge. ''GH'' other spoilers say that Harrison and Chase will continue to go their separate ways, determined to stop Shiloh Archer once and for all. A surprise, however, will leave the viewers of the soap speechless. What is it? We'll find out with the next and unmissable ''General Hospital'' spoilers.