''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Shiloh Archer will finally pay for her misdeeds. The head of the 'DoD' will live terrible days and will regret that he has hurt so many people. Archer has many enemies, and soon one of them will put in place a diabolical plan. An important clue has been leaked from the official Instagram profile of McLaughlin, the actor who plays Shiloh Archer in ''GH''. A few minutes later, the post was deleted. In the photo published by the actor, you see Shiloh in a visibly battered hospital. In addition, Archer had his face bloodied.

McLaughlin accompanied the post with this phrase: 'Difficult day at the office...''. Fans of soap opera certainly didn't miss out on this curious detail, making several hypotheses about the fate of Shiloh in ''General Hospital''.

'General Hospital': Shiloh Archer has too many enemies

''GH'' latest spoilers tell you that Shiloh has many enemies in Port Charles and that one of them will manage to trap him once and for all. Most likely it's Jason, who already in the past had almost managed to get Shiloh into trouble. In the future episodes of ''General Hospital'', Sam and Jason have teamed up to save Kristina from the DoD and Archer. Sam is playing the double game, making Shiloh believe he's a faithful follower of the sect.

In fact, she's just collecting valuable information to pass to Jason. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Shiloh could discover Sam's plan and lose control. Jason could intervene to save her and collide hard with Archer. Shiloh and Jason would end up punching each other in the face. Following this hypothesis, the photo of McLaughlin showing Shiloh with his bloody face would have a plausible explanation.

'GH': Harrison could destroy Shiloh

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry's hypothesis, there's another character who could get Shiloh Archer into trouble and stop her evil plans. It's Harrison Chase, played by the very good actor Josh Swickard. Harrison is a quiet and calm person, but he hides some dark sides. General Hospital spoilers tease that Harrison could lose his head for love.

We know in fact that Chase is in love with Willow and that he would do anything for her. Willow, as well as Kristina, is in the sights of Shiloh, who certainly doesn't mean well. Harrison would come to kill, in order to save the woman he loves. You can then assume that Chase attacks Archer if he finds out that the head of the DoD is going to hurt Willow. Surely, soon Shiloh will pay for the evil he's done. Who will be the hero who can stop the evil leader of the DoD sect? The next ''General Hospital'' spoilers will give us the necessary answers.