On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" a heartbroken and oh so humble Summer, made peace with her rival for Kyle's affections. Meanwhile, Mr. Abbott was planning a romantic rooftop surprise for Ms. Rosales and seems oblivious to the pain and humiliation he has caused his wife. His selfish behavior may be about to backfire in his face because Lola is naive and Summer will get over her initial shock. She has already decided to stay at Jabot in spite of being kicked out of the house by her husband. There also is the possibility that she may be pregnant, which would be another hurdle for Kola.

Kyle could end up with both women pregnant and really have problems on his hand.

Summer takes the high road

On Tuesday, Kyle asked for a divorce and Summer decided to move out. When she later ran into Lola, the not so blushing bride decided to act mature. She told her rival that there should be no animosity between them and the women parted on good terms. Later Phyllis convinced her daughter to continue working at Jabot and let Jack find a different position for his son.

Nick told Summer that she deserved better but she admitted she cannot yet put her marriage behind her. Right now she is delusional but in time she may just get her man. Previous spoilers suggest Summer could be pregnant and some tease that both she and Lola could be carrying Kyle’s children.

This would definitely change things but no one knows for sure if this will happen.

Lola and Kyle are intimate

Now that Kola has become intimate, they will still have hurdles in their way. This was proved on Friday when Kyle had to tell his new lover that his soon to be ex-wife will be working with him at Jabot. Billy, Jack, and Cassandra consider "Skyle" to be a dream team regarding their business ideas.

Summer will no doubt use this arrangement to attempt to prove to her spouse, that she is the better woman for him. She already had a brief moment to shine in her spouse's eyes.

On Friday's "Y&R" episode Dina mistook Kyle and Summer for a young Jack and Ashley and the trio went out to eat together. Later Ms. Newman/Abbott planned for her and her spouse to take a business trip to New York.

Kyle will probably try to prove he is over her and that things will remain professional. Lola will no doubt be too busy with Society to tag along and Summer will probably find a way to boo them a single room. Stay tuned to find out if Kyle can hold out when alone with the woman he married. Catch all the Genoa City drama each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.