"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers tell us, Shiloh will have to be very attentive to two characters. We're talking about Jason and Sonny. Jason has kidnapped Kristina and has allied himself with Sam to have all the information needed to destroy the DoD. Sonny, on the other hand, has enormous power in Port Charles and has many mobsters ready to execute his every order, including that of killing Shiloh. Also, Margaux might change her mind completely if she comes to find out the truth about Willow. Other news about "GH" reveals the real reason why Oscar was brought out of the soap scenes.

The reasons, perhaps, will serve to console the fans who were so fond of this sweet boy and hoped he would be saved by a miracle.

The truth about Oscar's death

"General Hospital" spoilers also indicate the usual helping of great twists for upcoming episodes. Last week, fans had to witness the death of Oscar Nero, who exhaled his last breath in the arms of Josslyn. Why did GH's production decide to kill this beloved character? According to Soap Dirt, we can reveal the real reason. Oscar actor Garren Stitt is a very busy guy in the entertainment business. The actor will, in fact, have to participate in another television program. In addition, Garren is a small musical star and it seems that music is his real passion.

Her stage name is Garren Lake. After his exit from the soap opera, Stitt completely changed his look, dyeing his hair in a fanciful silver color.

Shiloh frightened by Jason and Sonny in upcoming episodes of 'General Hospital'

Other "General Hospital" spoilers concern developments in the Shiloh storyline and the dangerous DoD sect.

In the coming episodes, Archer will become even more ruthless and evil. Most likely, Shiloh will manage to manipulate and bring on his side even the naive Willow. Also, let's not forget that Shiloh knows all the secrets of his enemies, which he could use against them. Archer's goal is to recruit as many followers as possible to the DoD so that the sect dominates Port Charles.

Shiloh still has a powerful weapon at his disposal, namely Kristina's offer of trust regarding Alexis' secret.

If Kriss doesn't return to the sect, her mother could suffer the consequences. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Sonny will be the greatest danger to Shiloh. Sonny has many powerful friends even in the mafia world, ready to follow his orders. And let's not forget that Sonny knows a lot about Margaux. For these reasons, Shiloh will have to watch his back from both Jason and Sonny. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Margaux could betray Shiloh when the true story of Willow Tait comes to light.