"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers this week announce big twists, unexpected returns, and dangerous intrigues. After Oscar Nero's death, Jasper has returned to Port Charles to support his grieving family. Jasper and Carly hugged each other, remembering the best moments spent with Oscar. Josslyn is desperate for the loss of her first love, but now she can count on the affection of Carly and Jax. In the next few episodes, however, we will discover that Jasper has returned to the city for other reasons that he has hidden from his family.

Who will not be happy to see Jax again is Sonny.

The two of them have had many conflicts in the past, which don't seem to have resolved yet. However, both will try not to worry Josslyn any further, assuring her that their relationship is not problematic. Between Robert and Anna, however, the tension will be very high, as suggested by the latest "GH" spoilers. However, attention will be focused on Sam, who is about to be tattooed with the symbol of the DoD sect. The woman is in the attic with the dangerous Shiloh Archer. Jason will do anything to get there in time and save Sam, but time runs fast, and Shiloh can't wait to get his hands on his prey.

'General Hospital': Sam in danger

"General Hospital" last spoilers says that there will be moments of tension between Robert and Hamilton.

Robert fails to get off his head Anna, infuriating Hamilton. Anna and Finn will be about to kiss each other, but at that moment Robert will arrive, who will interrupt the romantic moment. At DoD, the situation becomes more and more dangerous. Shiloh has realized that Sam could betray him and keeps her under close observation.

In this week's episodes, we'll see Jason arrive at the community house, ready to save Sam from Shiloh's fury. Everything is prepared for the initiation rite. Sam has worn the red ceremonial dress and is in the attic with Shiloh, ready to abuse her. Will Jason be there in time to save her?

Jason hits Shiloh in weekly episodes of 'General Hospital'

According to Soap Dirt, we can tell you that there will be an epic scene in the soap opera. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers, in fact, tell that Jason will join Sam and Shiloh in the attic. Here he will hit Archer with a gun, injuring him severely in the head. Thanks to his intervention, Sam will be able to avoid being tattooed with the sect's symbol. However, we still don't know if Shiloh will react to the attack and hit Jason Ed again, will Sam manage to save herself? The tension is very high and the final battle between Sam, Jason and Shiloh is now over. Curious to know what will happen in the next episodes of the soap opera?

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