"General Hospital" spoilers announce big news for the next episodes. Shiloh is about to discover Sam's deception. As we know, Jason kidnapped Kristina shortly before she was subjected to the initiation ceremony to become an official DoD follower. Meanwhile, Sam is trying to double-cross Archer, so she can find the recording filed by Kriss that frames Alexis. Shiloh, however, is not a newbie and is suspicious of Sam's loyalty, since the woman is behaving ambiguously. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Shiloh will have to be careful of both Willow and Sam, both willing to do anything to destroy him.

One of them will get into big trouble.

'GH' spoilers month of May: Sam is in serious danger

"General Hospital" spoilers say that Shiloh will be controlled by Willow and Sam. In addition, Sonny also wants Archer to be defeated soon, so as to bring Port Charles back to normal. Sam is in an uncomfortable position. Shiloh has the evidence to frame her, and e-mails that prove she's a fraudster. If Sam decides to betray the DoD, Archer could put her in prison. But Sam wants to protect Kristina and she won't stop at anything if she has to put herself in danger.

On the other hand, Shiloh is very attracted to Sam and she can use this in her favor. Another of Archer's goals is undoubtedly Willow and the head of the DoD sect certainly doesn't want to let go.

Kristina, despite being in a safe place, seems not to realize how dangerous the DoD is and would like to return to the community home, although Tait and Jason are convincing her to change her mind.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Shiloh will soon be in trouble, as her enemies grow more and more each day. Among his detractors is also the dangerous Sonny, who wants to get rid of him.

In addition, Harrison Chase will also make every effort to keep Willow safe.

General Hospital': the return of 'JaSam'

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that the relationship between Jason and Sam will proceed well. The two of them will get even closer now that they have the common goal of destroying Shiloh. The two have spent romantic moments together, but the nightmare of Shiloh and DoD prevents them from enjoying their love affair to the fullest.

Fans of the 'Jasam' will soon be satisfied, however, as confirmed by the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.

Their reunion is expected to take place in May. Sam and Jason will be able to freely express their love when Archer is no longer a problem. It is not excluded that the 'Jasam' can get engaged officially and then marry. At the same time, however, Shiloh will notice Sam's bad faith and double-crossing. Archer loses control and the girl gets into serious trouble. What will happen? Don't miss the next "General Hospital" spoilers to know everything.