Mal Young was recently fired by "The Young and the Restless," and Josh Griffith is now at the helm. Fans believed Young's reign of terror was over, but recent events indicate that it has yet to be finalized. Viewers and cast members are expressing outrage that the former head writer took credit for the show's Daytime Emmy wins. This is ironic as the man who last year was also the executive producer caused a rating decline and changed Genoa City history. Daniel Goddard who portrays Cane Ashby vocalized his sentiments on Social media without saying anyone's name.

Some things have changed, however, as two of the characters that Young created are about to be written out of the show, and a fan favorite he let go has returned.

Mal Young mocks 'Y&R'

"The Young and the Restless" recently won three Daytime Emmy Awards and t the shock of loyal fans, Mal Young too credit. Soap Dirt reveals that Daniel Goddard took a swipe at his former boss for being so petty that he accepted credit as if he alone were responsible for the wins. In truth, ratings declined while Young was running things with viewers and cast alike being troubled. During the past year Christel Khalil too herself off contract status as Lily, Doug Davidson was fired from his role as Paul. Eileen Davidson, (Ashley) walked away from the show and Mishael Morgan,(Hilary) could not negotiate her contract and quit.

The ridiculous "Y&R" storyline where Nikki, murdered J.T. went on entirely too long, Victor and his wife had an open marriage with both of them cheating, and the four members of the Rosales family were put front and center at the expense of longtime cast members. Viewers were so outraged that they demanded and received Mal Young's departure, so for him to accept credit for the Emmy's is just plain wrong.

It's as if he is mocking the CBS Daytime drama that he single-handedly almost destroyed.

'Y&R' is back on track

Josh Griffith is doing all he can to get "The Young and the Restless" back on track. Doug Davidson was rehired and Eileen Davidson has been back for a few episodes. Adam, Chelsea, Kevin and possibly Chloe will be back in Geno City.

Spoilers have revealed that Mia and Arturo are on their way out and Soap Dirt indicates that the truth about Lola's attack will come to light this week. If Mal Young can take credit for awards he had nothing to do with, then surely next year Josh Griffith should be honored for turning the program around.

Daniel Goddard's future on "Y&R" is uncertain now that Lily has left town, and the twins have been put on recurring status. His son Sam is never shown, and without Neil and Jill, he has no lasting connections in Genoa City.

Stay tuned to find out what happens with Cane and to see if Josh Griffith can undo all the previous damage and eventually viewers will ask, "Mal who?"