"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Michelle Stafford will soon no longer be part of "GH." However, Michelle Stafford's departure from the scene will bring great twists and turns. So what will happen to Nina? There are many theories.

The writers have not yet given a definite answer to the question. A secret from Sasha that will come to light will help to ensure that Nina is in the middle of a really exciting storyline. Valentin's secret will come to light and Nina will know the truth about Willow. Nina's final exit from "General Hospital" is scheduled for May, subject to last-minute changes.

'General Hospital': Nina between Michael and Sasha

Michelle Stafford will be replaced by actress Cynthia Watros, who is expected to start taking part in the soap scenes in June. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, I can tell you that Nina will make every effort to better accommodate Sasha in Port Charles. However, Nina's good intentions will clash with Valentine's murky intrigues.

Nina, in previous episodes, has made a commitment to make Michael and Sasha fall in love, but without achieving great success. Too many people are against this union, and Nina has paid the price. "General Hospital" spoilers tell us that Shiloh is in a corner. It also tells us that Nina will not give up and will make sure that Sasha and Michael reconnect.

Valentin will be annoyed and could take some revenge to stop the matchmaking of the willing Nina. At the same time, Nina will have to deal with Willow Tait. Nina and Willow will have strong contrasts that won't be easy to overcome. Willow won't like Nina's intrusiveness at all, and, at the same time, he'll have to keep Shiloh at bay.

'GH' Spoilers: twist and turn

The exit for Nina will be absolutely spectacular. Nina, besides meddling in the lives of Sasha and Willow, will also have to think about her marriage to Valentin. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it seems so. Nina and Valentin seem to be serious and their relationship seems destined to last.

After they get married, it's very likely that Valentin will reveal his big secret. At that point, she will be at a crossroads. After discovering the truth, what will she do with her biological daughter? At the moment, ''General Hospital'' spoilers do not reveal other details about this delicate situation.

When Nina discovers Valentin's secret, she won't want to deal with him anymore. So, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry hypothesizes, she could end her stay in Port Charles very bitterly and find herself completely alone.