May Sweeps s starting off with a bang on "The Young and the Restless" according to spoiler alerts and Monday's preview. Two big storylines are about to erupt into some big-time drama that will affect all of Genoa City. Sharon will agree to help Victor which will lead her to a startling discovery. While in Los Vegas with Rey, she will find herself reconnecting to Adam who has no memory of his past. Meanwhile, Paul bursts into Mia's apartment and announces she is under arrest for the attack on her sister in law Lola. Detective Roales may be in the hot seat for hiding this secret and he may even lose the woman he now loves, to the man she once dated.

'Y&R' is getting complicated

To say it' is getting complicated in Genoa City would be an understatement and it looks like things will not get any better on "Y&R" in the near future. Rey Rosales is now in the middle of the Newman/ Abbott drama, plus he has some that is of his own making. On Friday Victor showed up at the hotel room the detective is sharing with Sharon. He complimented the duo on finding the psychiatrist he hired and the woman who he had been questioning. He asked to speak to Sharon alone. and based on Monday's preview, he reveals that Adam is still alive.

Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry both state that Sharon will agree to help Victor and the Monday promo had her talking to someone on the phone.

she stated to this person that they had known each other years ago. Victor obviously is paying the memory retrieval specialist to help his son recover the memories he lost in the explosion in October 2016. "Y&R" spoilers indicate that Rey will support Sharon but he has no idea the can of worms that might open up. Ms. Newman and Adam used to be very passionate about one another, and those feelings could begin to resurface.

Rey has his hands full with Mia and Sharon

Soap Dirt says Nikki is going to fly to Vegas to find out what her spouse has been up to. Victor shared his secret with Sharon, and she told Rey, It's only natural that Mrs. Newman will now find out her stepson is still alive. Victor will have a lot of explaining to do related to how he found "Spider Spider" which is the name that Adam is currently using.

There will be a lot of confused feelings from the other family members as they begin to find out the truth. If Sharon and Adam connect this will spell trouble for Nick, Rey and also Chelsea who, played by Melissa Claire Egan, is slated to return to "Y&R."

Rey is going to fin his hands pretty full, dealing with the Newman issues as well as answering for his own part in covering up Mia's crime. It's not yet been revealed how Paul came to the conclusion of the guilt of Mrs. Rolsales, but all will soon be revealed so stay tuned. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers, and continue watching "Y&R" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.