"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Jordan's health situation is deteriorating progressively. The girl is in absolute need of a kidney transplant, or she will die shortly. The possible donor seems to be Ryan. Meanwhile, Shiloh is about to meet Kristina and Willow, who will be attending the Nurses Ball. Josslyn will also be present at the party and will receive a secret letter written by Oscar before he dies. Joss could then sing the piece of music prepared with love by Oscar Nero anyway. Sam, on the other hand, will be in serious danger, as Archer is about to discover that she has deceived him, lying to him about Kristina's mysterious disappearance.

'GH' spoilers: Jordan between life and death

In the next episodes on ABC of "General Hospital", Jordan will find himself fighting between life and death. The doctors will inform the girl's family of her terrible health condition. For Jordan to be saved, it is essential to find a kidney donor as soon as possible. Kevin seemed to be a perfect donor but, after medical analysis, it was found that his kidney was not suitable for transplantation. However, we know that Kevin is Ryan's twin. This means that Ryan also has a suitable kidney to donate to Jordan.

Fans of the soap opera know well that Ryan is not as generous as his brother and therefore it will be almost impossible for him to undergo a delicate surgery.

However, Kevin won't give up and, along with Ava and Laura, will give a boost to research to find Ryan, still untraceable. "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal, however, that Ryan will return to Port Charles very soon, albeit with bad intentions. Chamberlain in fact wants to take revenge on all those who betrayed him and forced him to flee and hide.

The occasion when we will see Ryan will be the Nurses Ball.

Ryan Chamberlain could save Jordan

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Ryan will surprise you at the Nurses Ball, terrorizing everyone present. How will the storylines of Ryan and Jordan reconcile? One hypothesis is that Chamberlain was killed.

If this were to happen, his kidney could be used to operate surgically on Jordan. At the moment, Ryan is Jordan's only compatible donor. The girl doesn't know about this complicated situation and is starting to lose hope.

Other "GH" spoilers say that at Nurses Ball the truth about Willow's true motherhood might even come out. Also in this case, if the secret is discovered, many scenarios will change in the soap opera on air on ABC that so fascinates fans. Ready to find out what will happen in the next episodes? Stay tuned and we'll give you all the exciting latest "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers.