On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Dollar Bill Spencer's right-hand man has stood by his side through thick and thin. Justin Barber even carried out diabolical orders that his boss/friend has asked him to. He once dumped Ridge Forrester from a helicopter and he gave the go-ahead for the Spectra Fashions building to be razed without knowing Liam and Sally were inside. Justin even set it up for Wyatt to believe Bill was having an affair with Steffy. Now, however, the owner of Spencer Publications is about to make a business move that will stun his partner in crime.

This indicates that something diabolical is probably in the making.

Justin troubled by Dollar Bill's latest decision

Justin Barber has been loyal to Dollar Bill Spencer for decades. He has been a confidant, friend, and right-hand man thru the good, bad, and the ugly. Justin has carried out orders that have left the Forester and Logan families stunned, and wary of his every motive. At times he has tried to warn his associate that things would end badly and was always there when he was proved right. Now according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the owner of Spencer Publications is going to drop a bombshell that will rock his buddy to the core.

Spoilers don't say what Dollar Bill is up to but only that Justin will be troubled.

Bill Spencer has been on good behavior in recent months and is considering reuniting with Katie. He is spending more time with young Will and trying to make amends with Liam and Wyatt. It looks like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is going to bring back the egotistical business mogul with the take no prisoners attitude. This is the Bill Spencer that viewers love to hate.

Justin will stick by Bill

Shortly after Dollar Bill was shot and hospitalized, Justin Barber's actions were suspect. Wyatt even accused him of trying to take control of Spencer Publications. Last month Justin, Donna, Wyatt, and Sally were trying to figure out who was setting up Bill and Katie to fall in love again. They suspected each other but found out it was Will and had a good laugh.

Whatever takes place there are two things "B&B" viewers can be certain of. Justin will get over his shock and he will continue to stick by his employer.

No matter what Bill Spencer has up his sleeve, he can count on his longtime associate to have his back, even when they do not agree. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out what scheme stuns Dollar Bill's, right-hand man. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update what Justin and his boss will be doing next. You can keep up with the Forresters, Logans, Spencers, and Mr. Barber by watching Monday through Friday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST.