Soap fans are just getting used to the news that Gina Tognoni will be replaced on "The Young and the Restless" by Michelle Stafford who is leaving "General Hospital" to reprise her role as Phyllis. Now it has been confirmed that one of her castmates is doing the same. Elizabeth Hendrickson's "GH" character was never fully utilized and the reunion with Billy Miller did not go as viewers had believed. Now the actress will be saying goodbye to Port Charles as Margaux Dawson and returning to Genoa City as Chloe Mitchell. There still has been no announcement of what Ms.

Tognoni's next acting project will be.

'GH' and 'Y&R' continue to swap actors

When Josh Griffith took over as head writer on "The Young and the Restless," he promised to bring back the glory days in Genoa City. Viewers were ecstatic when he brought Doug Davidson back as Paul Williams, but soap fans were stunned by his next move. Seemingly out of nowhere, he fired Gina Tognoni and decided to replace her with the woman who had originated the role of Phyllis Summers. In a move designed to put the focus back on core characters, Adam, Kevin and, now, "Crazy Chloe" will be back in action. Elizabeth Hendrickson's character was put on the back burner on "General Hospital" and her full potential was never realized.

The CBS and ABC daytime drama shows have a history of swapping actors. Britny Sarpy recently left as Valerie on "GH" to become Elena on "The Young and the Restless." Steve Burton left his "General Hospital" role as Jason and became Dillon on "Y&R," but later returned to the character he originated. Billy Miller left "Y&R" to portray Jason but when Burton returned he became his twin, Drew.

Tristian Rogers has the dual roles of Colin in Genoa City and Robert in Port Charles.

'GH' may possibly recast DA Dawson

"General Hospital" believed the role of Valerie would not be recast because she character was rarely seen, but they were wrong.. Once Britny Sarpy went to "The Young and the Restless" Paulina Bugembe stepped in as Carly's cousin.

Even though Margaux is not a major player in Port Charles, the town still needs a District Attorney. For this reason, it is possible that Margaux Hendrickson's role could be recast.

"Y&R" fans will be delighted to have "Cray Chloe" back in Genoa City where she will be involved in a front burner storyline. Adam Newman has just come home and is about to be shot. Naturally, if Ms. Mitchell is in town she will be the number one suspect. In 2016 she caused an explosion in a cabin where she had drugged and tied up Victor Newman's son. She felt he deserved to die because he had killed her daughter Delia in a hit and run. Stay tuned to both programs because May Sweeps promises to be worthwhile.