Congratulations to Maurice Bernard, who recently won his first Daytime Emmy. The popular "General Hospital" cast member had been nominated six times for his role as Sonny Corinthos, without taking home the coveted trophy. He won the 2019 award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama for his portrayal of Sonny Corinthos. The Emmy reel included scenes with Max Gail who portrays his onscreen father Mike Corbin. Currently, Miks is in a facility for Alzheimer's patients and his son is dealing with the range of emotions and decisions that come along with taking care of a parent with dementia.

Fans of the talented actor are delighted that his hard work has finally paid off.

'General Hospital' favorite in Maurice Bernard

Maurice Bernard has been playing Sonny Corinthos, on "General Hospital," since 1993. He began as a crime boss but has evolved into a loving husband, father, and son. His evolution has made him a fan favorite and those who love his character are excited about his win. Currently, Bernard's character is involved in several high-stress front burner storylines simultaneously. His wife Carly is over age 40 and has a high-risk pregnancy. His stepdaughter Josslyn just lost her boyfriend to a brain tumor and is in need of support, and his daughter Kristina is being deprogrammed because she joined a cult.

Sonny and Jason are planning to take down Shiloh, the cult leader, and Sonny is concerned about his father, who is now living in a facility for people with Alzheimer's disease. When Mike was living with his son, he was paranoid, nervous and wandered off a few times. The Corinthos family had to make the hard decision to put him in the facility.

This was compounded by the fact that Mike and his son did not have a loving relationship, but now they each have come to terms with the fact that they do love each other. "General Hospital" has done a magnificent job in transforming Sonny into the man he is today.

Sonny remains front and center on 'GH'

Sonny Corinthos has been front and center on "General Hospital" for so long that some viewers refer to the daytime drama as the Sonny and Carly show.

Things are about to become complicated for the couple because, in addition to everything else they have going on, Carly's ex and Josslyn's dad Jasper Jax is headed back to Port Charles. Jax does not like the fact that Sonny has mob connections, and that his daughter is living in the Corinthos household, The two men spar every chance they get and do devious things to each other.

The last time Jax was in town he slept with Carly, who wrongly believed Sonny cheated with Nelle. To get revenge, the former mob boss had Josslyn's father deported and barred from Port Charles. In time Joss got her stepdad to take action to make sure her father could come back to town, and soon he will. You can catch Maurice Bernard on "General Hospital" by tuning in weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.