Hope is one chatty female on "The Bold and the Beautiful." At least twice her newly revealed cousin tried to tell her that Phoebe is really Beth. Because Ms. Logan/Spencer would not shut up and listen, the moments were lost. Now it seems she will overhear an important conversation taking place between Zoe and Flo. Hope will wonder why her employees are arguing over her deceased daughter and will question them. The full story may not come out immediately, but a seed will be planted. Once Brooke's daughter takes the time to think, she will begin putting some pieces together.

The discourse she overhears will set the stage for her to be at least one step closer to finding out her child is still alive.

Hope center of attention on 'B&B'

Soaps She Knows indicates that Hope will continue to be the center of attention of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Thomas has stepped up his game and showed her an engagement ring. Liam is rushing home from Paris to confront his rival and support his wife. Shauna, her daughter, and Zoe made a pact to keep the baby switch a secret but the two younger women may find it easier said than done. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Flo and Zoe will get into a heated argument at work about Phoebe and Beth.

Hope is going to hear her child's name in the conversation and wonder why these women are discussing Beth.

Spoilers suggest that she will not get the true story just yet, but that she will be one step closer to knowing what happened the night she gave birth. Anyone else would probably already be suspicious but Flo and Zoe's strange behavior, but Ms. Logan/Spencer talks so much that she misses what is going on around her. "B&B" head writer Bradly Bell told Anika Noelle who portrays Hope that this storyline may go on for weeks, months, or years.

Brad Bell should take heed to the viewers who want this over and done ASAP.

'B&B' baby switch must come to light

Regardless of how long it takes, the baby switch will have to come to light, but the sooner the better. It's cruel for all concerned, to allow Beth to be raised by Steffy any longer than necessary. Zoe seems pretty stable but Flo is acting as if she will reveal the truth at a moment's notice.

Knowing that she is a Logan, plus being given a job with her cousin may prove too much for her to handle.

Spoilers tease that Hope may begin thinking, and put the pieces of the puzzle together, if not in whole at least in part. Her cousin seems most likely to be the one who will reveal the truth, but it could come from a different direction. Be watching for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons. You can catch your favorite characters on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.