Mother's Day for 2019 has come and gone, but this morning, May 14, the “Today” co-hosts were still talking about mommy issues. The co-hosts related how they spent the special day on May 13, and Yahoo reported on a sleeping secret that Hoda Kotb happened to discover on Mother's Day, too. Every day is truly Mother's Day, even for "Today" hosts.

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie have moved past Jenna feeling slighted by being called “a work friend” of Guthrie's at first. Savannah shared yesterday that she knew that she and Hager had transitioned to true friendship when Jenna showed the morning anchor her C- section scar and broke down all inhibitions.

The pair also shared the same apprehensions about ever getting “bikini physicals,” realizing that their bodies aren’t really up to that test, especially for Jenna, who will give birth to her son later this summer.

Mother's Day was a wonder for very different reasons for many of the “Todaymoms, and a couple of dads, too. Everyone had a reason to smile and some very sweet memories.

Dads deliver

Al Roker sends weather alerts to everyone's “neck of the woods,” but he also knows how to create joy for his wife of 24 years, broadcaster, Deborah Roberts. Deborah delivered the graduation address at the University of Georgia on Mother's Day weekend, and her words were very inspirational. Nothing left Roberts more speechless than the surprise family reunion that Al Roker arranged.

The doting dad flew daughter, Leila, in from Paris, who literally left her mom in a puddle of emotion after a hug On top of that, all the other kids were there, along with more family members than the room could fit, or so it seemed by the looks of Roker’s video capture.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer had no trouble declaring that her favorite Mother's Day gift was getting to sleep until 8:45 AM on the designated day.

Her hubby, Brian Fichera, and two-year-old son, Calvin, brought out the band on mom’s big day, as dad trumpeted on a recorder, and Calvin woke mom up with a toy horn to greet the day.

No food needed

The celebration of National Shrimp Day last week almost caused Jenna Bush Hager to demonstrate morning sickness live on the air, and Hoda Kotb didn't need breakfast in bed to have beautiful Mother's Day memories, either.

Hoda is still on maternity leave, savoring time with family, and both daughters, new baby girl, Hope Catherine and big sister, Haley Joy. The day was filled with family and fond memories for the family, and one sweet moment was captured and shown to “Today” viewers during Hoda’s May 13 telephone call to the live show. In the video snippet, Haley Joy is holding a bundle of flowers for mom, but instead of turning right, she takes a sharp left to her aunt, Hoda’s sister, joyfully handing off the bouquet. She then rushes with arms wide open to mama, and Kotb’s smile speaks for itself.

Kotb was moved to tears merely because she was the one getting flowers and the card that said: “We came from your heart.”

Sheinelle Jones shared pictures from her daughter’s Mother's Day dance recital, and graduation certificate.

Hoda Kotb disclosed that she had found a secret about getting Hope to sleep by complete coincidence, and it had nothing to do with calming music or lullabies. She happened to tune into Chip and Joanna Gaines’ HGTV fixture series, “Fixer Upper.”

No other channel even phased little Hope, according to the mom again, but then, "I click on Chip and Joanna—she’s out cold!”

Hoda Kotb’s words could mean another mega-industry for the Magnolia couple. Don't be surprised to see Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Baby Lullaby Building Series in their store soon.

No price is too high for any parent desperate for a snooze.