Talented actress Courtney Hope was a breath of fresh air when she showed up on "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Sally Spectra. The storylines she was involved in with Thomas Forrester was popular and had fans rooting for the couple. All of this changed, however, when Pierson Fode abruptly left his role as Ridge and Taylor's son. Sally left LA but an outcry from fans brought her back, and Wyatt found her on the beach. Rather than develop the character, Ms. Spectra is in a no man's land where she has no home, family, true friends, and no love life.

Viewers should brace themselves because it does not look as if Ms. Hope's future on the show is secure.

'B&B' history of disappearing characters

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a history of characters disappearing into thin air. Sally's sister Coco and R.J. Forrester were interns at Forrester, and no one mentions them anymore. Maya and her parents, along with little Lizzie, have also been shelved without explanation. Deacon and Sheila returned to LA for a brief period, and then they were simply gone. Pam and Charlie have not received decent screen time in a long while, and Now it looks like Sally may meet the same fate.

Ms. Spectra and Wyatt were poised to work together at Spencer Publications, but Sally to remain in New York chose to remain at Forrester.

Shortly after Wyatt was unforgiving when she kept a secret for Thomas and Sally moved out. Wyatt quickly reunited with Flo, as if the relationship meant nothing to him. The same thing happened when Thomas abruptly decided to remain in New York with Caroline. "The Bold and the Beautiful" writers are allowing a number of talented actors t fall by the wayside as the storylines continue to focus on the same characters and love triangles.

Sally's 'B&B' future does not look promising

Outside of her job at Forrester Creations, Sally has no real ties to LA, but the character had such potential. Instead, however, of giving Ms. Spectra some roots "The Bold and the Beautiful" seems to have sidelined her by bringing in Flo and Shauna who have ties to Quinn and Wyatt as well as the Logans.

Things right now, don't look too promising for Ms. Spectra. Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows, and Soap Opera Spy don't even mention the character in the projected storylines for the next two weeks.

Brad Bell has stated that someone on the CBS daytime drama will die, and spoilers have suggested it will be Xander. Perhaps Sally may stumble onto the truth about the baby switch, and someone silences her before she can talk to Wyatt.

Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST. Be sure to watch for spoiler alerts that may indicate the direction that Courtney Hope's character is headed.