"Counting On" fans watched the journey of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's daughter Felicity for the last ten months. It seems just yesterday she lay wriggling around and thinking about crawling. Then we saw her crawling in a photo Jeremy posted up. Now, at ten months old, in a new Instagram pic by Jinger, she looks to be walking. The little girl's so cute as she explores around a bakery.

Fans of 'Counting On' delighted to see Felicity upright and seemingly walking

The photo that Jinger shared of Felicity really is so cute. The little girl's dressed in her customary headband and wearing a one-piece outfit.

On her tiny little feet, she's got the sweetest shoes on. It certainly looks like those "shoes were made for walking," as she's standing up and examining the products on offer. It's a great shot actually, and one fan thought maybe Felicity did an ad for the bakery. Not so, however, Jinger and her little family just went to buy some goodies from the bakery.

Quite a few fans laughed at her apparent fascination at the buns on display. Maybe she thought they were um...anyway. The comments were quite cute as well. Fans of "Counting On" can't help but love Felicity as they watched her entire journey in her ten-month-old life. Every photo posted up gets loads of likes as she really comes across as a pretty and bright little girl.

Depending on the angle, people seem unable to decide if Felicity looks like her mum or her dad. Never mind, she sure is one little cutie.

Ten-month milestone for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's little girl

Every month since Felicity's birth, Jinger took photos of baby Felicity. Each month we saw her progress from being very much a baby, into a bright little toddler.

Fans were so taken with the latest pic of Felicity in the bakery, that they had a lot to say about it. Here's what some of the "Counting On" fans said to Jinger:

  • @Asa**: "Is she walking already? Time flys."
  • @car**: "Felicity is choosing her bread she is getting big god bless you all and your families too ❤️❤️"
  • @Dan**: " How fun! She's walking!"
  • @Mic**: "Wow Felicity standing up already, it's going so fast. When will she celebrate her 1st birthday?"
  • @Ear**: "She's growing up so fast. It won't be long until she has a birthday. So pretty. She was checking out the bread. It does look good."

Of course, lots of funny comments came about Felicity touching the buns.

Some people worried she mangled them, but I'm pretty sure Jinger kept a close eye on her little one. Others noticed how girls just "love their carbs," and others noted they actually thought it was an ad for the bakery. Mind you, the bakery owners certainly seemed happy for the Vuolo's visit. They responded by commenting, "Thank you, for stopping by we absolutely enjoyed you all’s visit We Love ❤️ this beautiful picture you took of your Beautiful Munchkin by our Sourdough buns!! It was a Pleasure God Bless hope to see you soon again "

What do you think about Felicity Vuolo hitting ten-months-old and she already looks to be walking? Jinger and Jeremy's little girl's certainly growing up fast. In fact, she looks to be getting ready to do a lot of exploring as she gets more mobile.

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