"American Idol" 2019 Top 6 competitors performed their hearts out again this Sunday night. Four artists, Alejandro, Wade Cota, Laine Hardy, and Madison Vandeburg took the four seats. That meant Jeremiah Harmon and Laci Booth stood to go home. However, when Ryan Seacrest asked the judges if they wanted to cast their Save Vote, Katy Perry said they'd use it. While nobody hates Laci Booth, to the shock of many fans of the ABC show, the judges pushed her through and sent Jeremiah Harmon home.

Furious fans on Twitter slam 'American Idol' judges after the Save Vote

Incensed "American Idol" followers took to Twitter in droves to complain about the judges saving Laci Booth. Now, lots of them point out that they really have nothing against Laci as a person. Many people accept she's got a good voice and did well. However, few of them believe she 's a better performer than Jeremiah Harmon. That was aside from the reeling shock many people feel at seeing Wade Cota still in the competition. Nevertheless, when it comes to Wade, at least he stayed in through the nationwide vote, rather than through a decision the judges made.

Over on Twitter, it's not easy to summarize the feelings of those people shocked at Jeremiah going home and Laci staying in.

So, here are some comments verbatim:

  • @Broo**: "did they seriously just let Jeremiah go home #AmericanIdol"
  • @britt**: "Dumbest thing ever. Can not believe they saved Laci. Jeremiah deserved better."
  • @doe**: "Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon should have won American Idol. They did you so dirty."
  • @Tjs((: " I’m done watching this season. Jeremiah is the best singer!!!! Wrong decision."
  • @ste**: "Huh??? Jeremiah is by far and away the best singer on the show. I don’t have a favorite but he is the best. I don’t get it."
  • @And**: "Furious with the judges. In what world is Laci a better singer than Jeremiah????? Yall got it wrong. Really really wrong."
  • @nata**: "i am literally raging rn. LACI??Jeremiah was the best vocalist on this show. ever."
  • @spa**: "Not sure whether Maximum Security or Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was more robbed this weekend."

Gold Derby accurately predicted Laci Booth would be eliminated this week

Dold Derby, the Hollywood races site accurately predicted that Laci Kaye Booth would get sent home this week.

They got it wrong with Madison Vandenburg, but hey, they were half-right. And, that's the way the penny dropped for Laci. She was out. That was until the predicted Save Vote came and whisked her back up and into the competition. Historically, the site predicted Harmon in the Top 3 since the beginning.

Based on their figures, probably the most accurate this season, ahead of Sunday night, Laci held just six percent of the audience vote to go through.

Jeremiah came in with 10 percent. However, it's not actually ever cast in stone with polls. Notably, Madison got the first call to stay in during the nationwide vote. Still, fans were shattered that Jeremiah who stayed steady throughout the polls this season lost out in favor of Laci. Many of them feel angry as Katy Perry once said Laci must be her favorite ever singer.

Did Jeremiah Harmon get robbed on 'American Idol?'

No doubt articles will spout briefly this week saying that Jeremiah got robbed with the Save Vote. The problem is that Wade Cota manages to survive somehow, and many people expected him not to even make the Top 8. But he does, and that could be why Jeremiah is out sooner rather than later.

Across social media, little gets mentioned about Wade. Well, at least when it comes to discussion about who deserves to win - Laine Hardy or Alejandro Aranda. It's almost as though Wade has a secret fan base stashed away somewhere.

In any event, Laci is beautiful, charming, and has a nice voice. Nobody's trying to slam at her over the judges' Save Vote decision. However, if she causes an upset in the next round, then watch the drama grow amongst followers of the show. And. sometimes a Reality TV show thrives on drama. Is that what drove the judges' decision when they sent Jeremiah home from "American Idol?"