Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Michelle Stafford's return to the character she originated will be epic. While it is unfortunate that Gina Tognoni ended up as collateral damage, the show must go on. Phyllis was just crushed by the betrayal of Kerry/Dominique, and her ouster as CEO of Jabot. Billy, Jack, and Kyle kicked her while she was down, and the cover-up crew has deemed her a traitor. She has nowhere to go from this point but up, and rumors are that she will rise from the ashes in a big way. Ms. Summers will emerge from this setback new and improved, bold, beautiful and a fierce power to be reckoned with.

Michelle Stafford rises to the occasion

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Michelle Stamford will reclaim her role as Phyllis in an epic manner. The spoiler does not give details as to the precise methods she will use, but only that Ms. Summers will be bigger, better, powerful and fierce. Last week the fiery redhead told Jack she wanted to work with Lauren at Fenmores. She tried to convince her ex-husband to allow her good friend to walk away from Jabot, but he refused.

It's possible, that Phyllis will obtain the funding she needs t help Lauren buy her way out of the Abbot family company. Soap Dirt spoilers reveal that the fiery redhead is going to blackmail Kyle. Perhaps she will get him to convince his father to simply allow Lauren to walk away from her Jabot contract.

The fact that Michelle Stafford has been hired to take over her former role indicates that whatever is being planned has got to be worth letting Gina Tognoni go.

'Y&R' switch will pay off

During Mal Young's reign of terror, ratings for "The Young and the Restless" dropped considerably. It looks like the new regime really ant to please fans and bring back the glory days of the show.

Whatever is planned for Michelle Stafford's character, spoilers believe it will increase ratings and definitely pay off. The firing of Gina Tognoni put aside, CDL says that Stafford's come back could not be at a better time, because of the current return arc.

Recently on "The Young and the Restless," Paul came back fulltime and Ashley returned home for a few days.

Adam Newman and possibly Chelsea are being recast, Traci and Dina have more air time and Kevin will be on screen later in the spring. Mal Young thrust the new Rosales family front and center at the expense of veterans of the show. Fans demanded and received his head on the proverbial silver platter. Genoa City rumors say that down the road Lily and Cane, Billy and Victoria and even Jack and Phyllis may reunite, so stay tuned. Spoiler alerts have promised to update this exciting news so, be on the lookout as they become available.