Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that two fan-favorite couples are at a breaking point in their relationships. Victoria is spiraling out of control and sleeping with random strangers. Billy is so desperate t save her that he flew to Los Vegas and showed up in her hotel room. Michael gave Cane divorce papers to sign but he refused, saying he just cannot let Lily go. These stepbrothers who often are battling each other now have something in common. Both are in the fight of their lives to save their relationships with the women they love.

Cane refuses to give up on Lily

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Cane will be adamant about wanting to save his marriage. He will continue to refuse to sign the divorce papers and believes a miracle will occur. Lily is getting out of prison soon and insists it's for the best that they end their relationship. The spoiler says Lily will be on hand for Neil's memorial service and suggests that she and her husband might bond again over their mutual grief. Her biological father Malcolm will return to Genoa City to say goodbye to his brother, so perhaps he may give his daughter some words of wisdom that may lead her back to her husband.

One reason Lily wants to divorce her husband is that Billy told her that Cane and Victoria had kissed.

Last week on "Y&R", Mr. Ashby was so drunk, he tried to fight his stepbrother. He blames Billy for Lily deciding to file for divorce, and. Traci intervened before the men y came to blows. Spoilers say Cane and Billy are on the same side for once as both want to be reunited with their true loves. For this reason, it's possible the to men might drown their sorrows, and lament their relationship together at the athletic club bar.

Billy fights for Victoria

On Friday, Billy showed up at Victoria's Los Vegas hotel room after she spent the night with Brandon. The couple had been growing closer during the J.T. saga, but once it was over, Vicky turned into the ice queen once more. She made it clear to J.T. that she was done with him and later berated Billy for checking up on her.

She then fled Genoa City and ended up in bed with Brandon. Spoilers tease that in spite of all the difficulties they are experiencing, there is a chance that "Lane" and Villy" could reunite.

This would be exciting for all the viewers, who are fans of these couples, so. stay tuned."The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Be on the lookout for spoiler alert updates, to find out what happens next in Genoa City. Lily and Victoria are both strong-willed women, so they won't be easily swayed, Cane and Billy. however, are determined to reclaim the women they love,