The moment "The Bold and the Beautiful" revealed that Shauna and Quinn had been friends, viewers knew there would be something shady about Flo's mom. Now it seems, that just like her buddy, she has been hiding the truth about her daughter's biological father. On Friday Shauna panicked when Quinn said that Bill Spencer was Wyatt's dad, which implies the possibility of Dollar Bill being her baby daddy. Spoiler alerts, however, suggest that a DNA test will exonerate "the stallion," and suggest a few other possibilities as to who the lucky fellow might be.

Deacon Sharp gets the most votes from fans as well as spoilers, but Storm Logan's name also came up.

Shauna's baby daddy mystery will be solved

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that this week, Shauna and Quinn will tell their children that they may be half-siblings. Since there was only one encounter with Bill Spencer, Wyatt will hope against hope that he and Flo are not related by blood. The spoiler teases that a DNA test may exonerate Dollar Bill, which means the search must continue. Shauna admits to being a wild child in her youth, so her baby daddy could be anyone. If Flo is not a Spencer, then she is most likely a Forrester or a Logan.

Soap Dirt revealed the results of a poll, where "B&B" viewers overwhelmingly believe Deacon Sharpe is the baby daddy, which would make Hope and Flo sisters.

Deacon is a fan favorite but has not been seen since he was carted off the jail. Another name that came up as a possibility is the late Storm, Logan, but there would be more drama if Flo's father is alive and well and living in LA. One thing both spoiler alerts agree on and that is that the mystery will soon be solved.

'B&B' repeats history with baby daddy drama

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has been down this road of baby daddy drama many times. In recent years Dollar Bill found out that Wyatt was his son after he was a grown man. If Flo were to turn out to be his daughter then she and her good friend could not consider dating. If Storm Logan is "the one" there would not be much mileage in the storyline because he is deceased.

This is why it makes more sense for Deacon to be the father because Mr.Sharp is a wild card, who brings drama wherever he goes.

Deacon has had rocky relationships with both Brooke and Quinn, plus he is also Hope's father. His being revealed as Shauna's baby daddy would indicate that Flo helped to keep the truth about the baby switch from her own sister. CDL and Soap Dirt promise to give updates on the reveal of Flo's biological dad as soon as new information becomes available. In the meantime continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoons on CBS at 2:00 PM EST.