Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the Abbott brothers are riding high right now. They are on top of their game, having beaten Phyllis to the punch in several situations. She is furious and wants revenge but it may take a while for her to pull herself out of the gutter. Meanwhile, Jabot is once again run by the family whose father founded it and on Friday Lauren pledged her loyalty to Jack, at the expense of Ms. Summers. Billy is making headway with Victoria and every scheme Phyllis tries to pull gets ripped to shreds.

Gina Tognoni's character seems to be going down in flames but when Michelle Stafford takes over the role, things may take a turn for the better, including a romance with Jack.

Jack and Billy back in action

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that things will be going so good for Jabot, that Jack will win the bet he placed with his sister Ashley. On Friday he stood his ground when Phyllis threatened to tell the world Kyle cheated with Lola. Jack told her she was wrong and refused to give in to her blackmail. He later convinced Lauren that Fenmore's should remain with Jabot and laid out a plan that she agreed with. Phyllis had believed she could back her ex into a corner and get him to set Lauren free from her contract.

Phyllis had wanted to go into business with Lauren and help run Fenmore's, but now there will be no deal. At this point, she has no love life, no friends and no job prospects, but earlier spoiler alerts indicate that she will rise from the ashes when Gina Tognoni vacates the role and Michelle Stafford returns. There is even the possibility of a reunion with Jack.

In the meantime, she will seek another victim and Soap Dirt says she will soon turn her fury on the other Abbott brother.

Phyllis targets Billy

Soap Dirt indicates that Phyllis will be livid that her plan to blackmail Jack backfired. When she finds out that Lauren betrayed her and Kyle and Summer are still together this will be more fuel for her fire.

She is going to turn her vengeance on Billy even though it's his brother who has her CEO position. Spoilers don't say what her angle will be but only that she lashes out at the man who slept with her daughter. Her game plan is probably thinking that if she cannot take down one Abbott brother, she will succeed with the other.

Billy is pretty confident right now because Jabot is back in the hands of the Abbott's and he also just proposed to Victoria. There probably is not much that his former lover can do at this particular time to hurt him, but that may change, CDL and Soap Dirt continue to imply that Phyllis will make her comeback once Michelle Stafford steps back into the role. Be on the lookout for spoiler updates and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ESt.