The rumor mill is churning out conflicting stories related to Cane and Lily on "The Young and the Restless." Some spoiler alerts have suggested that Christel Khalil may come back full time now that Mal Young is no longer head writer,, while others said she is done with the CBS daytime drama. Spoilers also teased that Nazanin Mandi may be taking over the role during Neil's funeral and that "Lane" might reunite. Now, Daniel Goodard's recent tweet has tongues wagging that he may be leaving "Y&R," and his character might be written out of the show.

Viewers want some straight answers because right now things seem to be in a ball of confusion.

The fate of Lily and Cane up for debate

Spoiler alerts have been giving conflicting reports regarding the fate of the Ashby's on "The Young and the Restless." The initial report was that Christel Khalil might return to a contract basis now that Mal Young is no longer the head writer. Last week, spoilers suggested that Lily would leave Genoa City behind but return for Neil's funeral and reunite with her husband.

The next rumor was that Christel Khalil is not returning to the show and would be replaced by Nazanin Mandi. The new Lily would come back to Genoa City ready to be a mother to Sam, Charlie, and Mattie and a wife to Cane.

Now Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that the Ashby's will divorce and both of them leave town. This would be disappointing for all of the Lane fans and brings up a question. Nazanin Madni looks very much like Christel Khalil, if she is not the new Lily, then what character will she be portraying?

Daniel Goddard hints Cane may be moving on

Soap Dirt is reporting that Daniel Goddard made a reference on Twitter about being time to move on. He was not specific so this could have one of several meanings. He may have decided on his own to leave "The Young and the Restless" or his character may be written out of the story. He could also be indicating that Cane must move on from Lily.

Whatever he was referring to, loyal fans will be disappointed to see this popular family fall apart. Sam has not been shown in quite a while and should be walking by now. There is hardly any mention of this child or who takes care of him.

Charlie and Mattie never spend any time with their younger brother, which is disappointing, but Christel Khalil going on recurring status obviously changed things. The Ashby's reunited some time back and Lily said she was ready to be a mother to Sam and was jealous of the time Hilary spent with the child. A few weeks ago she told Cane that Sam is a reminder of his affair. This abrupt change in the character is unsettling, especially if she walks out on her own two children. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this tragic situation and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.