When Calls the Heart’sbeloved leading lady, Erin Krakow, has been just about everywhere in the last few days. She was radiant with joy and donning bright spring colors while she broke the news that Season 6 would resume on May 5. The return is celebrated by a two-night treat of new episodes, continuing on May 6.

On April 13, during the broadcast of “Bottled With Love,” Erin Krakow looked dazzling again, and her happy news surely had “When Calls the Heart” fans bringing out their own bottles of favorite beverages to have a toast. Not only is the biggest hit in Hallmark Channel history resuming its sixth season, but also, the network has already given the go for Season 7.

A perfect number

The Hallmark Channel gave word last week that a big “When Calls the Heart” announcement would come during “Bottled With Love. There could not have been a better hook to reel in loyal “Hearties,” who were hanging on every commercial break for news.

Finally, at the midway point in the romantic story of workplace associates who become cyber soulmates, co-stars, Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker introduced Erin Krakow. Holding up seven fingers, the star gushed that “When Calls the Heart” Season 7 will be coming next year.

Seven is more than a lucky number. In Scripture, the number represents perfection, wholeness, and completion. A central component of the saga set in the early 1900s in the Northwest Territory is the reliance on faith through life's trials.

The closely-bonded community of Hope Valley literally rose from the ashes of a mining tragedy, depending on divine strength and that of their neighbors. The network is resolutely showing its faith in the series that is known as “the heart of this network,” as Debbie Matenopoulos told Erin Krakow on April 11 on “Home & Family.”

More summer stars on the way

Hearties are already counting the days until the official debut of Kevin McGarry as Mountie Nathan Grant in May.

Anyone who can't get enough of Chris McNally as the irresistible and mysterious new saloon owner in Hope Valley can get a good look at him in modern-day attire on April 20 in the “Countdown to Summer” preview. The preview feature was noted last week by Deadline. A cavalcade of female co-stars will also appear with the newcomer to “When Calls the Heart.” A few are new to the network, but most are familiar faces and old favorites with viewers.

The Hallmark Channel has a movie to fit every possible season, holiday, or occasion. There are even updates from the Busbys! Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally have Hallmark movie favorites to their credit. McNally starred in The Sweetest Heart” and “A Winter Princess.Kevin McGarry made his Hallmark imprint with “Love at First Bark” and “A Song for Christmas” in 2017, before “Winter Castle” most recently. Becoming regular cast members on “When Calls the Heart,” opposite the lovely and Juilliard-trained Erin Krakow, will only raise both actors’ already high stock.

Hearties can catch their breath and relax for a while, now that the show they adore is staying around.