"Y&R": Mourning begins Soon on "The Young and the Restless" as news of Neil’s death stuns Genoa City. Previous spoilers indicated that Malcolm Winters would return home with the news that his brother had passed away in an accident. Now, however, it is being reported that Devon finds out his father died on Tuesday, and Malcolm comes back to town on Thursday. The two men will try to process Neil's demise together as the rest of the town is hearing the tragic news. Lily will also have problems accepting that her dad is dead and gone and will blame Nate.

This seems to suggest that the patriarch of the Winters/Hamilton family may have had some type of health issue.

'Y&R' has not clarified Neil's manner of death

When Shemar Moore announced that he would return to "The Young and the Restless" for Neil's memorial, spoiler alerts teased that his brother may die in an accident. It was even reported that Malcolm would bring his sibling's remains back to Genoa City. This would have implied that the death took place out of town. Celeb Dirty Laundry is now saying that Devon and Lily will discuss how Neil was last seen getting ready for Abby's big night, which indicates he was in Genoa City at the time of his death.

Spoilers say that Lily is going to blame Dr.

Hastings for her father's sudden demise, which alludes to a possible medical emergency. It could be that Nate operates on Neil after he is involved in an automobile wreck or a health crisis on his way to the restaurant opening. Nate may be unable to revive his uncle or loses him on the operating table. Whatever happens off screen has not yet been clarified by "Y&R".

Soap Dirt, however, promises that Devon will receive the tragic news on Tuesday and that Malcolm will come back to Genoa City on Thursday.

Neil's death changes Genoa City

Nate's family and Lily know how it felt when her brother blamed her for Hilary's death. If she does blame Dr. Hastings for her father dying, something tragic must have taken place for her to forget her own situation and pass judgment so quickly.

So now, in addition to the shock and grief of Neil passing away, there will be a family rift between his daughter and nephew. Spoilers say the memorial service will be a tear-jerker and that all of Genoa City will be sorrowful.

"Y&R" has been preparing viewers for this event by bringing in Ana's father and his niece who are living in Devon's home. Time and soap opera storylines march on, and one character cannot replace another. These additional family members will, however, help to fill the void that will be left by Neil's absence. Be sure to tune in Tuesday, and the rest of the week as the residents of Genoa City brace themselves for and finally say goodbye to a beloved member of their community.