Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" have been wondering why Gina Tognoni was released from her role as Phyllis and replaced with Michelle Stafford. While everyone was focused on the Rosales family and how long they would remain in Genoa City, the new head writer hit fans of the show with something quite unexpected and seemingly out of left field. There is a method to Josh Griffith's madness and Celeb Dirty Laundry is now revealing what he stated and was printed in Soap Opera Digest. The decision to recast Summers with the woman who originated the character was purely business and had nothing at all to do with the performance of Tognoni.

Gina Tognoni is collateral damage on 'Y&R'

CDL reports that Gina Tognoni is collateral damage because of the new head writer's vision for "The Young and the Restless." In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Josh Griffith said that the actress who has portrayed Phylis in recent years did no wrong. He simply has a vision for the people of Genoa City that would please fans. Part of that is the death of Neil and its impact on Nikki. He believes Michelle Stafford was a better fit for the future of the show. Although viewers have gotten used to Tognoni, Griffith says Stafford is a reminder of the glory days of the CBS daytime drama.

John Griffith was hired to replace Mal Young, whose reign of terror nearly destroyed "The Young and the Restless." He changed Genoa City history and gave characters storylines that fans did not agree with.

The worst decision Young made was to fire 40-year veteran Doug Davidson, who portrayed Paul Williams. At the same time, he brought on Kerry and the Rosales family and put them in almost every scene. Eileen Davidson, who portrayed Ashley, left the show. Christel Khalil went on recurring status and the Newmans and Abbotts were put on the back burner.

Fans demanded that CBS fire Mal Young. CBS did that. Griffith is now attempting to undo the damage.

Michelle Stafford's return to 'Y&R' may help ratings

Since John Griffith took over as "Y&R" head writer, Paul is back full time, Kerry is gone, and Mia and Arturo will soon follow. Ashley and Traci have come back to Genoa City for short stints, and a recast of Adam Newman will soon be on hand.

Griffith says he wants to return the show to its glory days and believes Michelle Staford is a better fit for Phyllis. He believes the changes he is making will increase the ratings and only time will tell.

Gina Tognoni has been tight-lipped regarding her firing and has not indicated what her future endeavors may be. "General Hospital" fans were hoping she would take over the role that Stafford vacated, but it has just been announced that Cynthia Watros was hired to portray Nina. Soap Dirt reports that there will be more cast changes, so stay tuned.