"Bob's Burgers" has become a popular TV show on Fox, but now that Disney has completed it's deal with Fox, the future of the show has come into question. Since its debut, the show has become a major player in the Sunday lineup. Now that the deal is completed, many wonder if the company will restructure parts of the show, or leave it alone.

Disney now has the ability to bring the Belcher family into their parks and make them a much larger part of the Disney company. The series could be a perfect fit for their television lineup. Fans don't know what will happen with the show, but we can still make guesses about what will pan out.

It's time to consider what could or might happen with "Bob's Burgers."

'Bob's Burgers' not made for Disney Channel

The question some fans are asking is whether Disney will make any tweaks to "Bob Burgers." Currently, Disney has not said whether or not they will, but it seems like they will keep the show like it is. Disney now owns a show that has a strong following. While it's not a hit show on Sunday nights, it has its own strong fan base.

One other concern fans have is what Disney will do with the planned "Bob's Burgers" movie. For now, it appears like it is still moving forward. The show's creator, Loren Bouchard, has still tweeted about the show and has not hinted at a possible cancellation of the planned film.

'Bob's Burgers' film still being developed

Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that films are a key focus of the Disney company. The "Bob's Burgers" film already has a script and is said to currently being animated, so it wouldn't cost too much to abandon the project now.

The characters of "Bob's Burgers" could make their way into the theme parks in some fashion, and possibly even have a ride based on the show.

The show is definitely not earning the praise it deserves. They can change that and upsell the show without breaking the bank. Disney can release seasons on DVD quicker and create merchandise. Now that Disney controls the show, it will no longer be forced to be sandwiched between "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy."

The ball is now in Disney's court.

They have to consider whether "Bob's Burgers" is an asset. If Disney sees dollar signs when they look at the show, they will keep it around. The Fox hit show has been around for nine seasons, with the 10th season coming very soon, as well as the planned animated movie.

"Bob's Burgers" is definitely a show worth continuing. Perhaps Disney could add it to its Disney+ streaming library. What made the show popular was the humor created by the Belcher family. The show has become one of the most popular animated shows on television, and now fans are hoping Disney keeps it alive.