On Monday's episode (April 1) of "The Young and the Restless," it was revealed that Dominique Carroll is Kerry's real name and she has been working with Ashley. This set off a chain reaction that caused the rest of the Abbott's to unite. Lauren naturally is concerned about Fenmore's and wanted Phyllis to remain in the CEO chair. Unfortunately for the fiery redhead, she was voted out by the majority. Traci, Jack, Billy, Abby, and Kyle decided Ashley's offer to take over the company was not in their best interest. The oldest of John Abbott's sons stated his case as to why he should be in charge again and the rest of the family agreed.

Lauren troubled and Phyllis is fired

Ashley now owns all the patents for Jabot's formulas, which leaves Jabotiques in the hands of the rest of the family. She offered to take over and save the day but was met with extreme resistance from Jack. It was brought out that the real Kerry Johnson works for Ashley in Paris, and Dominique Carroll is the woman who has was hired as the Jabot chemist. Phyllis wanted to consider Ashley’s proposal but was shut down immediately, and blamed by the Abbotts for all the recent problems.

Lauren also wanted everyone to consider the offer and for her good friend to remain the company CEO. Unfortunately, Jack, Traci, Billy, Kyle, and Abby voted against Phyllis and now she is out of a job.

A smug Ashley told her family she could give them 24 hours to consider her take over, offer and left. Later, Abby stopped by her mom's hotel in hopes of finding out why she is causing all these problems.

Jack regains control of Jabot

When Jack made his case for being named CEO once again, the Jabot board agreed. Lauren expressed her sorrow that her good friend was now out of a job and nothing else was mentioned about accepting Ashley's take over.

After everyone else left, Jack spent some time alone in his office, pondering his once and future position. Later, Kerry and Phyllis were both drinking at the club and Ms. Johnson told her former boss she had no doubt she would land on her feet.

Phyllis mentioned that Kerry was now speaking with an Engish accent and asked if anything about her had been real.

Especially their friendship. Ms.Johnson sidestepped the question. Phyllis was left to wonder how she messed up so badly. Michelle Stafford will soon be reclaiming the role of Ms. Summers, so be on the lookout for spoiler alerts announcing her first air date. Keep watching "The Young and the Restless."