Pascale Hutton came to “When Calls the Heart” under contentious circumstances. She first came to what was then Coal Valley as Rosemary LeVeaux, the acclaimed and gifted stage actress. She was also staging a take-back of her fiancé, Mountie Jack Thornton, portrayed through five seasons by Daniel Lissing. Rosemary's ways at the time were often conniving, but her charm was inescapable, even in those early days. As she realized the genuine bonds between Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and her once-love, she not only found the heart to surrender him, but also to embrace the community in a selfless way.

It was not long before Rosemary made a permanent positive impression on lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith), with her tender loving care in a time of need. As the Northwest Territory town transformed from Coal Valley to Hope Valley after emerging from tragedy to healing and helping one another, Pascale Hutton struck the perfect balance in her character, equaling her “nose for news” regarding Hope Valley residents with a willingness to always pitch in and promote the best of her community. Rosemary Coulter also fulfills the role of the best cheerleader that her husband could ever have.

Pascale Hutton had very reassuring news for “When Calls the Heart” fans, as reported March 31 and April 1 by Yahoo and TV Insider.

With the characteristic flair with words of her character, she pledged that “When Calls the Heart” would resume its place on millions of small screens “soon.”

Gratitude and very good news

Pascale Hutton picked the perfect still of herself and her on-screen husband for her Instagram post of gratitude to fans. The castmates are captured in wide-open mouthed laughter, as they frequently are in the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved drama.

Her caption thanks the millions of faithful “Hearties” so longing for the series return in the wake of the Lori Loughlin arrest and the legal situation with the college admissions scandal.

The star offered a “thank you” for “your support and your love” but mostly for "PATIENCE” as all the cast work diligently under what was called a “creative hiatus” by executive producer, Brian Bird, in speaking for all the producers.

Season 6 had completed production months ago, and the cast and crew of “When Calls the Heart” certainly had to be as stunned as the fans were when the call came to do the abrupt and necessary “retooling” to carry on the highest-rated season so far for the drama.

Family focus

Pascale Hutton was not the only member of the “When Calls the Heart” family to send positive wishes to waiting fans. Veteran TV favorite, Jack Wagner, who portrays Sheriff Bill Avery, sent love and best wishes to fans for a “safe & Blessed weekend” as he boarded a plane to Vancouver, no doubt to complete re-shoots. While fans wait, this time is anything but a hiatus for the hard workers of every kind on “When Calls the Heart.”

It was Rosemary who was out digging in the snow to melt it into boiling water when Elizabeth's baby Jack made an unexpected early arrival, and her face conveyed a deeply longing heart in “A Vote of Confidence” as she watched her husband doting on baby Jack.

Family matters may surely come into focus for this devoted couple, and families can happen in many ways in Hope Valley. Faithful fans will be cheering for Lee and Rosemary, as newer couples explore blossoming love.

From babies to rebuilding after unexpected crises, the cast and the characters of “When Calls the Heart” believe in brighter horizons to come, and those times are worth the wait.