''The Young and the Restless'' latest spoilers unveil a love plot in strong colors. The protagonists are Lola, Kyle, and Summer. As we know, Lola is deeply in love with Kyle, who doesn't seem to be sincere to the end. The girl has undergone a complicated liver transplant and, having been on the verge of dying, she doesn't want to waste even one day of her life. For this very reason, she overcame her fears about her body and decided to make love to Kyle. Summer's husband was waiting for this exact moment so, naturally, he's over the moon. The couple will continue to hang out, but there will be new problems.

Summer has no intention of losing her husband and will try to feed Lola's insecurities. On the other hand, we can't rule out the hypothesis that Kyle, having gotten what he wants from the naive Lola, won't get tired of her. ''Y&R'' spoilers also say that Summer will have her heart broken. Kyle might change his mind and, acting as an unscrupulous man, go back to his wife and leave Lola. An intriguing love triangle that could take unexpected turns. Surely one of the two women will suffer greatly.

Lola and Kyle make love

''The Young and the Restless" spoilers also ensure romantic moments that will make fans dream. Lola and Kyle are living a beautiful love story in which respect and trust play a major role.

Lola is still a virgin, but Kyle has assured her that he will respect her. After undergoing the liver transplant, Lola has decided to face her fears and is ready to experience her first time with the boy she loves. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it is likely the first night of love between the two lovers will come soon, perhaps in the following episodes for the week.

Kyle has done everything to reassure his girlfriend, who is now ready to treat herself for the first time. Will Kyle and Summer's marriage end after this twist? Surely, the relationship between Kyle and Lola will go on, causing displeasure to Summer, who will find himself with a broken heart. However, Summer will not give up so easily and will do anything to get her husband back.

Summer willing to do anything to destroy Lola and get Kyle back.

Summer intruding between Lola and Kyle

Soap opera spoilers say that Summer wounded for love is really dangerous. Also, we don't know if Kyle will keep his promise to his young girlfriend. She could get what she wants and then break her heart as she did with her wife. In that case, it would be devastating for Lola. It doesn't rule out the possibility that, after making love to Lola, Kyle will return to Summer. Will he really be able to make such an ignoble gesture? We'll know with the next unmissable spoilers for ''The Young and the Restless."