Fans of Doug Davidson are elated that he is back on "The Young and the Restless," and will be thrilled to see more of him in coming weeks. His character, Paul Williams, is hot on the trail of Lola's attacker and will soon be closer to solving the case. Rey and his brother Arturo are hiding the fact that Mia mistook their sister for Abby Newman when she confronted her at the Abbott pool. This week, detective Rosales will go to Las Vegas to investigate Victor for Nikki. While he is out of town, this will give the police chief the time he needs to figure out what really happened to Lola.

Noemi Gonzalez, who portrays Mia, will soon be leaving the CBS daytime drama, so the truth should be coming forth pretty soon.

Paul will soon solve Lola's case

Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry and also Soap Dirt indicate that Paul Williams is back in full investigative mode. He is determined to find the missing pieces of the puzzle to what happened to Lola and why. He suspects that Rey is lying and while the detective is in Las Vegas, Paul will use his skills to crack the case. Mia went to the Abbott mansion to confront Abby regarding Arturo and assumed the woman she saw was her rival because she was wearing Ms. Newman's coat. Unknown to Mrs. Rosales, Lola had the coat on, and it was her sister-in-law that she attacked from behind.

Rey figured out what happened and his wife admitted it was a case of mistaken identity. When he threatened to call the police, Mia announced she is pregnant. It was later revealed that the detective's wife had slept with his sibling so the paternity of her unborn child is in jeopardy. The Rosales brothers decided to keep the secret for now, because they don't want the child born in jail.

With Paul on the case and Noemi Gonzalez ending her "Y&R" run, it's only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Additionally, the Las Vegas secret has already been discovered.

Paul probably won't reinstate Rey

Spoilers indicate that Sharon and Rey will prove they are a great team as they figure out what Victor Newman has been hiding.

Perhaps the two of them will work together in a private business because it's not likely Paul will ever trust detective Rosales again. The police chief gave Rey the chance to find his sister's attacker and be reinstated with the GCPD. Instead, he lied to cover up the crime, which will not sit well with Paul when he figures out the truth.

Head writer Josh Griffin made the right call by listening to the fans and bringing Doug Davidson and Paul Williams back to Genoa City where they both belong.