On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas Forrester slept with his father's wife Caroline and conceived a son with her. He recently returned to LA from New York bearing the sad news that his child's mother had died suddenly of an aneurysm. It was believed by many that Thomas may still have lingering feelings for Sally Spectra, but his affections went in another direction. Little Douglas began to bond with Hope, who was told her baby girl died at birth. Now Mr. Forrester has decided that Ms. Logan should be a surrogate mother to his son and also a companion for himself.

His obsession is getting out of control in spite of the fact that Hope is Liam's wife.

Thomas is out of control

Soap Opera Spy teases that Thomas will allow his obsession with Brooke's daughter to spiral out of control. He and Hope dated years ago, but she left him for Liam. Now Mr. Forrester wants to return the favor by breaking up "Lope." He has been using underhanded tactics to gain Ms. Logan's affections and only one person realizes what he is up to. Sally confronted him last week when she made a startling discovery. Her ex had been drawing pictures, giving them to Hope and saying they were from his son.

Sally was stunned that her former lover showed no remorse. but insisted that Douglas needs a mother and Hope needs a child.

Ms. Spectra told him she realizes now that it was not Caroline who really came between them, but it is Hope whom he never got over. Thomas also manipulated Liam into using the Forrester jet, to fly to Paris, to visit Steffy and her girls. Soap Opera Spy says he will use this time to get closer to Hope and encourage her to push her spouse to reunite with Steffy and be a father to Kelly and Phoebe.

Soap Hub reveals that in days ahead, Thomas will say things that shock those around him. He will go into full creeper mode, believing that Hope is destined to be with him and Douglas.

Thomas is way out there

Lying about the drawings, and using Douglas to play on Hope's emotions are pretty desperate.moves. Convincing Liam's wife to insist he go to Paris, and providing the Forrester jet are pretty manipulative Agreeing that Steffy's girls need their daddy in Paris and expressing that Steam should reunite show far Thomas is willing t go to get his way.

Now spoilers say he will take things to an entirely different level and make jaw-dropping comments regarding the situation.

Thomas may feel justified in his actions because Liam once stole Hope from him. He and Caroline were not in a romantic relationship so he is not dealing with grief from her loss as if they were lovers. Whatever is going on in his head, will certainly get worse before it gets better. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts related to Thomas and his obsession with Hope. Continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.