When you're given your birth name, assuredly, it lends meaning to your entire life. Well, according to Nipsey Hussle's family, Ermias Asghedom lived up to his name. Nipsey was real - with no pun intended, Hussle had a certain hustle that couldn't be defeated. His life had true meaning in every step of his walk, and as we learned from the funeral, anywhere you hear Nipsey's name, someone always has something good to say.

Note: Both funeral and procession live broadcasts are located at the end of the article.

Ermias 'Nipsey Hussle' Asghedom: The epitome of purpose

It wasn't until Dawit Asghedom, father of Nipsey Hussle, got up to speak about Ermias that people really began to grasp the meaning of his real name. According to Asghedom, Nipsey's real name is Eritrean, and Eritrea is the East African nation where Hussle's dad was born. During Nipsey's funeral, it was mentioned that his real name, "Ermias," means "God will rise." Heavy reports that Hussle was named by his father.

With this in mind, his dad believes God sent Hussle to deliver a particular message and change the dynamic on Earth. If this is the case, Nipsey's real name proved he completed his mission. Dawit says that God's plan isn't necessarily our own.

While Nipsey Hussle planned more in this life, his dad says it's possible he finished his mission early, "so God probably want to take him early, too [sic]," mentions Mr. Asghedom. Yet, even though he's surpassed this life, Nipsey impacted the community in an unimaginable, greater way. "The marathon continues." This is a phrase Hussle often used.

But interestingly enough, his life has been a marathon.

"Nipsey was a fighter, always a fighter," Hussle's father stated during the funeral. After discussing his son's real name and its meaning, Dawit told various stories demonstrating Hussle's fighting spirit. "I was next to him in his bed," recalling Hussle during surgery recovery.

"He looked at me and, instead of worrying about his pain, he looked at me and he said 'I love you Daddy,' just to assure me he was OK. That again was when I felt how strong he is." From having an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck at birth to enduring various surgeries, Nipsey was always strong according to his dad.

Nipsey Hussle visits country of name origin

According to Heavy, the rapper's father told him stories regarding ongoing wars between Ethiopia and Eritrea. For Nipsey Hussle, stories of his dad fleeing Eritrea made him want to visit the country. It was all part of finding himself. He found it "life-changing," Heavy notes. Reportedly, the rapper also visited Eritrea twice: once in 2004 (age 18), and again in 2018.

The first time Nipsey Hussle visited the country, he stayed for three months and said it was a complete culture shock. Basically, he said our necessary luxuries in the States, like cell phones, mobile Internet, etc., are cut-off there. "It's more about the interaction with people," the rapper mentioned.

In case you missed Hussle's funeral

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Also, here's Nipsey's Procession

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