"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that the leader of Dawn of Day is about to reach out and touch a prominent resident of Port Charles. Viewers have been wondering what secret Kristina recorded for the cult guru as her trust offering, and now it is being revealed. She told him about an incident that her mother wants to keep in the past. Now he has evidence that the lawyer and former DA committed a serious crime. If revealed, there is a possibility that Alexis could be looking at jail time. Even if that does not happen, she will be exposed as a murderer and her daughter's trust in a cult leader will cause her many problems.

Kristina betrays her mother's trust

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Kristina's trust offering is a secret that her mother never wanted to be revealed. It is the revelation that Alexis ran down her daughter's ex-boyfriend on purpose. Kiefer died when Ms. Davis hit him with her vehicle, after finding out that he had been physically abusive to her daughter. She said it was dark and it was an accident and "General Hospital" never addressed the issue of it being intentional, but viewers and Port Charles residents believe that it was.

Now Kirstina has revealed this damning information to Shiloh and signed an affidavit to its validity. Sonny, Jason, and Michael all believe that Krissy has revealed something regarding her father being a mob boss.

If spoilers are correct it is her mother who will now be in the hot seat, and at the mercy of Shiloh. Until she is deprogrammed and set free from the Dawn of Day cult, Ms. Corinthos-Davis will not fully realize the extent to which she has betrayed Alexis's trust.

Shiloh blames Jason for Kristina's disappearance

Soap Dirt indicates that Shiloh will be out for revenge because Jason kidnapped Kristina.

On Wednesday the cult leader tried to persuade Sam to help him find her sister's hideout. Jason gave the cup with the liquid that drugged Krissy to Brad to test the found out Mr. Cooper is a loyal Dawn of Day devotee. Believing Brad lied, Sonny said he was going to have Brick test the residue in the cup because he knows his daughter was drugged.

He, Jason and Michael are bracing for Shiloh to reveal Krissy's trust secret, and have no idea it is about Alexis.

Spoilers indicate the Dawn of Day storyline is close to an end, but there are several things that need to be wrapped up. Kristina is furious that her parents intervened and keep insisting she is an adult. When her mother finds out that she told Shiloh that Kiefer was run down on purpose it will cause quite a commotion. On-screen Alexis was not sure of her actions and it was never said with certainty what took place that night. Spoiler alerts promise to give updates when available, but in the meantime continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC. The happening in Port Charles air Monday-Friday at 2:00 PM EST.