After controversy involving the Nipsey Hussle funeral arrangements, it was clarified that complimentary tickets were going to be made ready for fans who wanted to attend the ceremony at Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. Nipsey had a fanbase and influence that reached further than most people realized. With this in mind, it's more than obvious that Hussle's funeral will truly be "a celebration of life," as notes a memorial flyer from the rapper's Instagram profile.

Nipsey: A 'sold out' funeral

According to New York Daily News, complimentary funeral tickets became available around 10 AM PST, Tuesday morning, April 8.

The source says that fans who logged into the website around this time had to patiently wait for the availability queue to open. Reportedly, approximately after 40 minutes, the Staples Center seating chart showed all seats in the 21,000-capacity arena "blocked out."

"All tickets for the Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration of Life have been distributed and no additional tickets will be available," New York Daily News reports was the message posted to the website.

Literally, within an hour, all complimentary funeral tickets were gone. It's not stated just how many tickets were given out concerning the Hussle memorial. Yet, one thing is for certain: Security is expected to be heavy, according to NY Daily.

Also, no cameras or recording devices will be allowed in the funeral service.

"You may be asked to leave the event if you are found recording or taking photos," reportedly notes a public announcement regarding the ceremony for Nipsey Hussle.

Some Nipsey funeral tickets reportedly being re-sold

While you'd like to think people are better than this, it seems that might not be the case.

According to The Root's Grapevine publication, some ticket holders are being "trifling" and reselling complimentary Nipsey Hussle memorial tickets online. In the photo below, you can see an email receipt of an alleged transaction. However, no "approval authorization number" or "reference number" were provided, only a confirmation code.

There are also allegedly those who are "willing to trade for Coachella tickets." If this is true, it's completely beyond disrespect to Nipsey Hussle as well as his family and loved ones.

Nevertheless, according to Grapevine, the procession for Nipsey Hussle will course through Los Angeles streets before arriving at the rapper's final place of rest, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Nipsey was allegedly murdered by 29-year-old Eric Holder on Slauson Avenue, in front of Hussle's Marathon Clothing store. The accused killer of Hussle's death pleaded "not guilty" by counsel of former OJ Simpson prosecutor, Chris Darden. Amid all confusion, the family of Hussle continues to come forth with their thoughts on the case and their remembrance of the rapper.