Nipsey Hussle goes to show you never know who your childhood friends will be in the future. After enduring a week of the devastating news of the death of beloved community activist and rapper, Nipsey Hussle, more information from his past is surfacing. However, this particular development shows that Nipsey was beyond his years in wisdom at an early age. Revealed yearbooks include various short stories and poems written by Hussle, from ages seven to ten.

Regarding Nipsey Hussle, the yearbook dates back to his elementary years. The books surfaced via an old classmate.

According to images showing its front cover, it's circa 1995, "Volume 14," from The Open School. The information about Nipsey and his inclusions in the elementary yearbook were uploaded to Twitter by user @TrashBoyLA. However, Complex reports his name as David. The source claims that David recognized "Ermias Asghedom," the real name of Hussle, via news reports. At that point, he was able to dig up records of their childhood in the elementary yearbook.

He didn't realize 'Ermias' and 'Nipsey' were the same person

David says it never registered that his childhood friend was actually "the" Nipsey Hussle.

According to David, he tells Complex that he always remembered Hussle as this "nice, sweet, smart kid" he used to know. Reportedly, Nipsey's classmate mentions that he did not realize they were the same person. Hussle's classmate clarifies that only after hearing the name Ermias did his ears "perk up."

That's when he realized that Nipsey actually looked like "Ermias." After speaking with other classmates from that time, they also agreed that their former classmate had an uncanny resemblance to Hussle.

However, David said none of them could remember his last name, according to Complex. So, they broke out the yearbooks. And there was Ermias "Nipsey" Asghedom. But once he stared into the elementary yearbook, things hit him hard.

Hussle's childhood friend had 'mixed emotions'

According to his interview with Complex, he was so very happy to know what Nipsey, "this cool kid I was friends [sic]," had done with his life.

He was amazed at the number of people he'd touched and influenced. On the other hand, he was sad for Hussle, his family, and his community.

"[sic] And regret that I wasn’t able to stay in touch as our lives diverged," Nipsey's classmate mentions to Complex. "I’m very proud of him and what he accomplished, as I think we all are."

Below, you can find more of Nipsey Hussle's elementary photos, poems, and short stories uploaded by David. Honestly, these are real tearjerkers. It's truly sad that Ermias Asghedom was taken from this world so soon. But as you can see, he's always been a light in the darkness.