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The murder of Nipsey Hussle took the world by surprise and devastated many followers, friends, and family. As his loved ones have been hustling to find an appropriate venue, on top of mourning Nip, they've finally settled on a location. It's large enough to seat the thousands expected to be in attendance. However, they have to act fast to secure everything. They have a little less than a week to make things happen.

Nipsey Hussle: A funeral seating 21,000?

As you might have seen from Nipsey's vigil days ago, thousands showed up to pay their respects to the rapper.

And that's just from around Hussle's neighborhood. According to TMZ, Nip's funeral will be held on Thursday, April 11. The numbers counted at the vigil will be nothing compared to those coming to pay their respects from other parts of the state, as well as other parts of the country.

The source reports that the funeral of Nipsey Hussle will be held at the Staples Center arena. TMZ also states that tickets will be available for the event, as required by the family. Although they'd love everyone to attend, there just isn't enough room. So with this in mind, only ticket holders will be allowed to enter the venue.

Reportedly, Nipsey Hussle's family met with officials at Staples Center on Wednesday morning, April 3, to discuss the in's and out's of the event.

It's going to take a lot of preparation. With less than a week to transform the arena, they have to rent staging equipment, hire ushers, etc. Likewise, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) attended the meeting as well to lock in security logistics.

If you remember, Michael Jackson's funeral was held at Staples Center in 2009.

As you can see from the following video, it was one to remember.

Nipsey Hussle made a solid impact in his hood

Although the rapper had accomplishments coming down the pipe, his lasting philanthropy is respected and remembered. He was assuredly a shining light in dark times. Blasting News previously reported on the impact Hussle recently made between Crips and Bloods, rival gangs originating in the LA area.

According to TMZ, the two gangs agreed to a peace treaty to honor Nipsey Hussle in his death. While it hasn't been determined how long the truce will last, gang leaders hope it will be an extended one, perhaps even an indefinite one. Nevertheless, people across the country are encouraged by the gang's willingness to put their differences aside in honor of Nipsey. It's what he would've wanted and what he was striving to accomplish.

The first signs of unity were seen in their march to Hussle's Marathon Clothing store, the parking lot where Nipsey was seen murdered on surveillance video. Nonetheless, do you think this peace treaty will stand the test of time? Likewise, do you think Staples Center will be able to hold everyone who's expected to attend?

As you think about these questions, feel free to check out ABC News' coverage of Hussle's community legacy, below.

Correction (4/8/2019): contrary to what we originally reported, this article has been corrected to reflect the fact that tickets will not be sold for the event, but just made available.