On "General Hospital" Molly Lancing Davis is very vocal about her feelings. She recently barged into the Dawn of Day house and blasted both Sam and Shiloh because of Kristina's commitment to the cult. She is desperate to find her missing sister and because she is so outspoken, Alexis may be forced to make a rash decision. Krissy has already put their mother in jeopardy because of the trust secret she gave to Shiloh. If Alexis reveals certain information to her daughter with Rick Lancing, Molly may spill the info to the cult leader and place everyone in grave danger.

Alexis may reveal a secret to Molly

Molly has been running all over Port Charles trying to find out what happened to her missing sister. Spoilers indicate that her constant inquiry may cause her mother to make a rash decision. Alexis might decide to let her daughter in on the secret about where her sister is being held. Molly could show up at the safe house not knowing she is being watched, and lead Shiloh to her sibling. She also may slip up and reveal the information to the wrong person.

Ms. Lancing/Davis is known for outspokenness and loose lips. She has torn into Julian several times because of her mother and was extremely vocal in regard to the Charles Street tenants. Should she find out the details of what was planned for her sister to be a part of the DoD "trust," she could ruin everything that Alexis, Sonny, Sam, and Jason are doing to free Kristina from the cult and its leader.

Because of how impetuous Molly is, her mother may feel she has no choice but to let her in on the secret that her sister is being deprogrammed.

Molly may put more people in danger

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Julian will become alarmed when he finds out that his son-in-law Brad is overly involved in Dawn of Day. This is mainly because of little Wiley, but viewers know Alexis is also a factor in what Mr.

Jerome does. Ms. Davis has shared a little with her ex regarding Kristina's involvement in the cult. Krissy has also been a no sho at the pub where she works for her former step-father. If Molly running her mouth brings trouble for her mother Julian may resort to his old w. He may decide to take Shiloh out to protect his grandson, his former wife, and her family.

Kristina, Sam, and Molly are all in one way or another connected to Shiloh and at risk for harm. "General Hospital" spoilers indicate this storyline will soon come to a close so things may get worse before they become better. Everything is on the line and with Sonny, Jason, Alexis and now Julian in the mix, it could get nasty. Be on the lookout for updates spoilers and continue keeping up with the drama in Port Charles by watching each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.