The current love triangle on “The Young and the Restless” is picking up steam as Kyle continues to string along with the two women who love him. On Friday Summer realized Lola was wearing the necklace she thought her husband purchased for her. Instead of walking away from this dysfunctional situation Mrs. Abbott will become more determined to make her marriage work. Nick is going to catch Kola in a compromising position and demand his son in law annul the relationship. Summer will balk at the idea and ask her father to but out of her marriage. She believes she will eventually be the only woman that her spouse wants to be with.

Nick catches Kyle kissing Lola

Soap Opera Spy and Celeb Dirty Laundry both indicate things will get pretty tricky this week on "The Young and the Restless" for "Kola" and "Skyle" Nick will be at the opening of his sister's restaurant and catch Kyle kissing Lola. Summer already found out on Friday that her husband gave Ms. Rosales a necklace she thought he had purchased for her. Now her shame ill e multiplied because her father has witnessed this intimate moment.

Spoilers say Nick will be outraged and demand that Kyle put an end the sham of a marriage. He will an annulment and ask his son in law to leave his daughter alone. Summer, however, will stand by her man and ask her dad to back off. The new Mrs.

Abbott believes that deep down her husband's heart belongs to her. She is going to fight until the bitter end, in spite of evidence that Kyle continues to pine for Lola.

Summer fights for Kyle

Summer is so in love with her husband she is ignoring all the facts. Kyle only married her to save Lola's life. He has been sneaking around to see Ms.

Rosale and almost made love to her. Now he has given her a diamond necklace and kissed her in a public place. Not even her father's rage is going to stop her from trying to save her marriage. Summer is holding on to the hope that because Kyle did marry her and has shared her bed, that she is the woman he truly loves. Fans should brace themselves because spoilers say this love triangle will continue for a while and that Kyle will have trouble choosing.

"Y&R" viewers are divided on the subject because Summer has been so manipulative in the past. A number of fans believe "Kola" is the best choice, but others see that Ms,.Newman/Abbott is maturing and changing for the better. It's difficult at this point to say which woman Kyle truly loves. He could be infatuated with Lola because she is a challenge, or he may truly not realize he and his new bride are soul mates. CDL and Soap Opera Spy promise to update information on the love triangle as it becomes available - so be on the lookout. Continue keeping up with the residents of Genoa City by tuning in weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.