The “Today” show set the standard for morning television when it debuted back in 1952. Recently, however, the beloved AM broadcast seems to be setting a record for most new additions to its hosts’ families. The celebration mood could not have been more jubilant than it was last week when Hoda Kotb welcomed her second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, as Haley Joy’s baby sister. Her fourth-hour co-host, Jenna Bush Hager, already had shared her own baby news with Hoda but didn't want to horn in on Hoda’s joyful arrival.

Today was the day, April 22, when Jenna Bush Hager was ready to share her own announcement of a blessed arrival, coming sooner rather than later.

For the first time, the now mother to three decided to do a gender reveal, and the announcement came in front of the whole world, along with everyone in the “Today” family.

Meanwhile, during “Today's” third hour, doting mother and meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer, courageously came forward in sharing her struggles with secondary infertility, along with her husband, Brian Fichera, and her doctor.

The morning swung from tears of joy to tears of loss and heartbreak, still displaying the constant support and sense of family that buoys this broadcasting family, and holds both Jenna Bush Hager and Dylan Dreyer in hope all through their personal journeys.

Holding her secret no more

“I couldn't hold it any longer,” confessed Jenna Bush Hager to Meredith Vieira, who is filling in for Hoda Kotb during her maternity leave.

Hager revealed that she is about five months pregnant, and already had shared the news with Hoda Kotb in a sit-down chat before Hope Catherine came into the world. She related how the timing was important in sharing her news, because “everyone knew how much Hoda wanted this baby girl.”

The announcement that was not a worldwide news bulletin until this morning was the baby’s gender.

An explosion of blue balloons from a colorfully-wrapped box broke news to millions of viewer that the youngest Hager is a boy. The news is more than welcome since this child will be the first male grandchild on either side of the family.

“We weren’t really trying to get pregnant,” Hager divulged of this pregnancy. “It was all because of a date night,” she playfully added.

She and her husband, Henry, told daughters, Mila, 6, and Poppy, 3, about their coming baby brother in their Easter egg baskets. “Where’s the baby brother?” Mila asked after opening her mother’s special egg. Poppy got up and gave greetings to mommy’s tummy. Jenna Bush Hager assured that everyone from the Sunday school teacher to people on a plane got the news from her girls.

Facing motherhood with courage and hope

When Dylan Dreyer was hired as a “Today” meteorologist, the cheery “America's sweetheart” arch type was already pregnant with her son, Calvin. She and her studio technician husband frequently shared milestones of their young son’s achievements, and especially, his reactions to tasting new foods.

Dylan was full of her unusual excitement in sharing her family’s Easter celebration. She cooked to separate entire Easter feasts, one for her side of the family, and one for her in-laws. She thought she was all prepared for Calvin, 2, to dye his Easter eggs until he grabbed the cup of green dye and poured in on the carpet. Those mishaps are bound to happen, and as the doting mom related, that green spot on the rug will always be a reminder of a joyful Easter with their son.

Dylan and Brian knew they wanted to expand their family about nine months ago and began to try for pregnancy again. Calvin was conceived after about two months, so the 37-year-old Dreyer didn't imagine that the prospect of the second child would be difficult.

When the trying period extended into six months, however, her concern grew.

Examination revealed that the emergency C-section that was performed for her son's birth had left enormous scar tissue, consuming two-thirds of her uterus. Surgery was performed to remove that problem, but her secondary infertility issues persisted. Secondary infertility refers to difficulty in conceiving a second child after a successful and uneventful pregnancy. According to Dr. David Reichman, Dylan Dreyer's physician, age can be a primary factor for secondary infertility, but 37 is hardly old.

Dreyer and Fichera were overjoyed to be pregnant again shortly after the surgery, but soon after, a miscarriage occurred. Dylan credits her husband for his unyielding support, as he reiterated “you didn't do anything wrong.

Your body is just doing what it needed to do.”

During National Infertility Week, Dreyer and her husband are coming forth to let millions of mother struggling and happily expecting couples know that “we're in the middle of this,” and still hoping for a natural pregnancy while anticipating IVF options.

“A part of me is mad at my body for not being able to do this naturally,” insists Dylan Dreyer, as she looks at a future for motherhood that she never expected.

Dylan and Brian recalled sharing their sad news with Hoda Kotb during a planned evening out to go to a Sesame Street show with their kids. “Who better than Hoda,” at that moment, related the dad.

Jenna Bush Hager recited her own mother’s words this morning, noting that “Everybody gets their babies when they're supposed to,” with all the joys and sorrows involved. The “Today” family sticks together on camera and in life, through all it brings, and babies, too.