Netflix has set the return date for the newest season of “Lucifer” for May 8. After FOX canceled the series, fans immediately started up a #SaveLucifer campaign to save the show and Netflix came through by picking it up for another season. The first three seasons are available to be streamed on Netflix. The season three finale set up several changes for the upcoming “Lucifer” season which saw the death of Charlotte at the hands of Pierce, the death of Pierce at the hands of Lucifer, Chloe finally seeing his devil face, and the return of Amenadiel's wings as he returned to Heaven with Charlotte in his arms.

FOX later aired two episodes meant to air as part of season four but the episodes gave no hints as to answers following the season's major cliffhangers. "Lucifer" will see the return of cast members Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, D.B. Woodside, and Rachael Harris.

'Lucifer' on Netflix

Fans can expect to see a few changes now that the show is on Netflix. The new season will consist of ten episodes. All of which will be released on May eighth. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich teases to TV Line how they planned two parts anyway with showrunner Joe Henderson adding that they concentrated the story which makes for a strong first half. The episodes will run about four minutes longer than when they did on FOX.

Thanks to Netflix, the showrunners can make smaller adjustments to "Lucifer" such as making the blood bloodier and embrace the little things available to them while keeping with the essence of the show.

The new season will finally answer one of the biggest questions the season three finale left off with: what will Chloe do now that she knows the truth?

Netflix has been mum on details about exactly how she reacts but according to the logline, this reveal will provide challenges for Lucifer moving forward. In addition to finding out about Lucifer, Chloe is also going to find out who else has been in the loop with Rachael Harris teasing to TV Line that Chloe will find out Linda knows thanks to a comment from Maze.

Lucifer will also be facing a new foe when Eve makes her return, but Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich tease to EW that Eve may not have the motives Lucifer and everyone will be expecting her to have. Inbar Lavi joins the cast as Eve and will be showing up just as Lucifer is in a vulnerable moment in his life. Her return will have Lucifer thinking about the man, or devil, he used to be when he knew her. Lauren German teases to TV Line that Lavi adds a whole new vibe to “Lucifer” with her unique portrayal of Eve. Also added to the cast is Graham McTavish as Father Kinley who is a priest determined to protect people from evil, and Vanessa Vidotto as angel Remiel who feels like she can't match her brother Amendiel's standards.

Lesley-Ann Brandt teases love for Maze

Lesley-Ann Brandt teases to TV Line the fall-out between Trixie and Maze after Trixie overheard Maze calling her a brat will be addressed this season. Brandt assures that the two will be making up and will get some closure. The actor teases the scene is one every fan will love and describes it as being a really sweet moment. Brandt continues that Maze will also be finding love and while season three was about relationships and the process of being let down and making up, season four will be her journey in finding someone. No word yet on who this person is going to be.

While Maze will be finding love, the others will be facing their own journeys. Linda will be treating a new patient through a trauma who will be there for her in return when she's facing a life emergency.

Amenadiel was last seen returning to Heaven which is everything he's wanted. Now that he's gotten his wings back, he'll be searching for his place in the world and dealing with feeling as if he's missing something.

Ella will be struggling with the death of Charlotte and all that occurred with Pierce's betrayal and death. Her methods for dealing will involve some self-destruction while Aimee Garcia teases to TV Line that Ella will deal via the idea of drugs and rock 'n' roll. As for Dan, he'll also be dealing with the loss of Charlotte who he had officially entered into a relationship with before her death by blaming Lucifer. This will cause some conflict between the two of them.