Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" suggest that one Genoa City resident will need more time and attention. It will come at the expense of relatives to the character.

Victor Newman has been MIA and his wife and daughter are worried. He is lying about where he is and has no idea that Vicky saw him with a high-stakes gambler in Los Vegas. Nikki found a bill for a psychiatrist in the area and has sought Rey's help in finding out what is going on. In the meantime, Summer's marriage is not working out the way she thought and she could use her granddad right now.

It appears Adam is taking up his father's time, while other family members suffer.

'Y&R' setting stage for Adam return

Soap Dirt indicates that Victor has Adam hidden somewhere and is not yet ready to tell his family. Victoria and Nikki are very worried. Abby is having meltdowns over the opening of her restaurant and her breakup with Arturo.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Summer will have her heart broken by Kyle and the Newman patriarch is not in a position to help any of them. The theory is that Victor is putting all his time and attention into his prodigal son, who is supposed to be on screen on "Y&R" by mid-May.

Adam has been rumored to be coming back to Genoa City for two and one-half years, but this time spoiler alerts have given a name and a date.

Also, Summer attacked Phyllis!

Mark Grossman is the newest hire on "Y&R" and he is scheduled to make an appearance on May 14, if not sooner. Soap Dirt reports that Victor has probably hired the psychiatrist because his son has neurological issues due to the explosion. He may even have amnesia. It's interesting that the Newman patriarch is not utilizing the services of Nate, who is the personal physician for Victor and Nikki.

Adams return could be good for ratings

Adam returning to "Y&R" during May sweeps could be a ratings winner. Viewers have been preparing for this moment since October 2016. When the truth is revealed, Victor's angry family members will probably be shocked and eventually welcome the prodigal son home. Nikki, Summer, and Abby could be jealous because of the attention Adam receives.

It's possible that Victor's second son may have health issues that are physical and/or mental and needs the appropriate help. Spoiler alerts promise updates related to Adam's return. Continue watching your favorite characters in Genoa City by tuning in each weekday afternoon. "The Young and the Restless" airs Monday through Friday on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.