"Lucifer" follows the life of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) during his time on earth as he assists Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) with her cases. The last two episodes of season three sent fans on an emotional roller coaster ride and then into emotional turmoil when fans had to deal with both that cliffhanger and the cancellation news. The series leaves off with the death of Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) when she gave her life to save Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), who then departed to return to Heaven with Charlotte's body in tow.

The finale follows Dan (Kevin Alejandro) through his grief as he discovers Charlotte's investigation into Pierce (Tom Welling), leading him to the conclusion that their new lieutenant is a murderer, which led Lucifer to confes that he knew Pierce was in fact the Sinnerman.

Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer turn to Ella (Aimee Garcia) to set up Pierce so they can catch him, which leads to a shocking turn of events.To keep Chloe from getting shot, Lucifer uses his wings before whisking her away from the line of danger. The final moments see Lucifer killing the immortal, but Pierce gets the last laugh as in his dying moments he watches Lucifer's devil face return. The episode ends with Chloe walking in and witnessing Lucifer's other face, which leads her to the final words of the season 'it's all true.'

Bonus episodes to air end of May

The two bonus episodes filmed during "Lucifer" season three were originally meant to air as part of season four. Now that the show has been cancelled, the episodes will air back to back on May 28.

The two hours will focus on Ella and Lucifer, respectively, and will follow two different storylines co-showrunner Joe Henderson describes to TVLine as being two of the best episodes of "Lucifer." The Ella-centric hour entitled "Boo Normal" revolves around the murder of child psychiatrist and Ella dealing with an old friend, played by Charlyne Yi.

The catch is: her friend may not be real.

In the second hour, "Once Upon a Time," Lucifer finds himself in another dimension which was created by his mother. In this other world, Lucifer hasn't met Chloe , but he's been given the freedom of choice. The episode is narrated by author and comic book creator Neil Gaiman, who will portray the voice of God.

Kevin Alejandro directs the episode. It is unclear how Lucifer has come to be in this other dimension, since Lucifer's mother had been shoved into another world.

Online campaign rises

Since Fox canceled "Lucifer," fans have taken to the web to do everything they can to save the show. A Twitter campaign led by fans and fully supported by the cast, especially Tom Ellis, has led to several instances of #SaveLucifer trending. Fans have taken their attempts one step further with a petition on change.org in hopes another network or streaming service will choose to save the show.

Tom Ellis shares on KTLA 5 that though he doesn't want anyone to get excited, he assures fans that they are talking to a few people.

Now, while the actor remains vague on the details, he expresses a great deal of support and respect for the fans as he describes the outpouring of love that came after "Lucifer" was cancelled. The CW has already passed on the series as they've already announced their fall line up, which is quite full. Fans have hope that a streaming service will do the honors of saving the series. Hulu is most known for saving fan favorite "The Mindy Project," while Netflix is rumored to be considering the ABC drama "Designated Survivor" and Amazon has previously saved BBC drama "Ripper Street" and has recently looked into saving Syfy's "The Expanse." Nothing is impossible, as networks will make surprising moves as NBC did when it uncancelled"Timeless." Ellis warns fans that this won't be an instant thing, but told TV Insider that "we're not giving up."