Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Steffy is about to leave Europe and return to L.A. in a big way. Before she left town, her mother insisted that Liam should be in the home with Phoebe and Kelly full time. Steffy balked at the idea but now she has had time away to think about it. When she comes home, she will naturally talk to her brother, whom she is very close with. On Thursday (April 18), Thomas told Ridge that he was interested in having a relationship with Hope so that she can be a full-time mom to Douglas. When the siblings get together, they will decide to combine their efforts so that "Lope" breaks up and Steffy ends up with Liam and her brother gets Hope.

Lope marriage may be destroyed

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Steffy will return to L.A. as a strong secure woman. She has probably also been thinking over her current situation. Perhaps having the children alone in Europe may have her considering what her mother said. Steffy may now be ready to fight for Liam to recommit to her and her girls. "B&B" spoilers tease that she will be a different woman than the one who left town and her priorities might have changed.

Steffy did not get much time to talk to her sibling prior to leaving L.A., but when she comes back home, they will no doubt put their heads together. Thomas and Flo are also confessing.

On Thursday Thomas told Ridge of his growing feelings for Hope, as Liam was talking to his wife about having another child.

If previous "B&B" spoilers are correct, then Hope will decide she is not interested now and needs more time before thinking about getting pregnant again. As she spends more time with her former boyfriend and his son, her feelings might change and the Lope" marriage will be in real trouble.

'B&B' siblings have an agenda

Soap Dirt teases that Steffy and her brother will have an agenda to put an end to "Lope," but they probably will not have to work too hard.

Hope is already showing signs that she enjoys the company of Thomas and is falling in love with little Douglas. It looks like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is continuing the tradition of characters caught in the middle of love triangles. This time around, it is the Forrester siblings who have an agenda to end up with the people they love.

Hope believes her purpose is to be a mother to Douglas, which thrills Taylor and Thomas and will no doubt please Steffy as well. Brooke and Ridge have expressed doubts about this situation and Liam is completely clueless. "The Bold and the Beautiful" has a decades-long history of reuniting couples only to break them up and put them together later. It stands to reason that Hope and Thomas will end up together and that Steffy and Liam will try to make it work for the third time.