Since there are only a few days until the final episode of Game of Thrones, it's time to collect the most important theories about the series. Who is going to die? Who will survive? Every important question has an ingenious fan theory. Put on your conspiracy glasses and continue with reading!

Bran is the Night King

Jumping straight into one of the most brutal theories: Bran is not only the Three-Eyed Raven but also the leader of the Others threatening Westeros. Everything is kind of rough, but the point is that Bran continuously goes back in time to try to stop the Night King, but eventually he gets stuck in it.

It seems so throne-struggle like and brutal that we think it is actually possible. However Isaac Hempstead-Wright who plays Bran has a different opinion: “it is unlikely that the two characters are the same, but rather two ancient beings of Westeros. Perhaps it should be seen that the Night King is like a Frankenstein monster, which is driven by hatred and violence. And there is Bran, who uses his strength for good" - Isaac explained to Vulture magazine after the seventh season.

Daenerys is pregnant and Jon Snow is the father. If you remember, in the first season, Mirri Maz Duur told Dany that he was infertile, but as Jon said, Mirri is not the most reliable source. Since there was a lot of talk about Daenerys' only children being dragons in the seventh season, a surprise-pregnancy could be possible.

Cersei dies

As per several theories, Cersei gets killed in the last episode. According to one of the theories Jamie, her brother/lover kills her. Cersei will be the Mad Queen, so Jaime needs to kill her just as the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen. This is reflected in the prediction that Cersei heard of Maggy the Frog, which says, that her death will be caused by her younger brother.

Even though your favorite Queen Lannister thought that the prophecy refers to Tyrion, it may well be Jaime, especially since he was born a few minutes after Cersei. The other theory is roughly the same, but there is a twist in it: Arya kills Jaime to take his face and then kills Cersei in her twin sister's image. With this, the most bloodthirsty Stark gets satisfied, as she can cross out another name from her list.

Theories about Tyrion

Tyrion acted quite weird on the ship at the end of the seventh season, right? Get ready, because fans have made more explanations. One is that Queen's Assistant fell in love with Daenerys and is now jealous of Jonas. Alternatively, he betrayed the Mother of the Dragons to Cersei when he tried to convince his sister of the fight. Or if the betrayal hasn't happened yet, sooner or later it will.

Melisandre and the relief army

In the last season, Melisandre left Dragonstone and went back to Volantis. But before that, she told Varys that she will go back to Westeros because it was her fate to die there. According to the quite likely theory, the Red Woman gathers the R'hllor followers and their fiery swords will help Dany and Jon to fight over the Others.

Who is Ahai?

Melisandre used to hang out with this particular Azor Aai who was an ancient warrior. He defeated everyone with his fiery sword called Lightbringer and, according to Melisandre, he would return. There are amazingly many tips on who can be Azor Ahai. Among others, Jon, Daenerys, Sparrow, Ser Davos, and Jaime Lannister. We will presumably find out the identity of Azor Ahai in the eighth season.

Jon survives

We've already written that the fans had seen a lot in the teaser of the finale. One was that Jon Snow’s statute looked really old, so it is clear that he survives and wins the throne.

Sansa dies

The parallels are quite important in Game of Thrones, so many fans are convinced that Sansa is not going to make it through the series.

And the reason? Recall the first season! Ned Stark handed Winterfell to Robert Baratheon, but not after a long time he was beheaded. Now, in one of the trailers, Sansa symbolically handed over Winterfell to Dany with the same words ("Winterfell is yours"). With this, it follows that Sansa will be the victim of an execution.

Game of Throne’s storyteller gets revealed

The whole series is actually told by Samwell Tarly who recorded everything. Thus, the Game of Thrones is an ancient historical record that perhaps Sam reads to his grandchildren, and he will practically become George R. R. Martin. “Tyrion might be who I want to be, but Sam is probably closer to who I actually am. The fat kid who hates stairs but likes to read books”.

Cersei’s pregnancy

In the last season, Cersei announced she was expecting a child. The whole thing was probably a scam just to keep Jaime next to her side. However, according to the theory, pregnancy is very real. But maybe not Jaime, but Euron Greyjoy is the father! Since we didn't see what they were exactly organizing, they might have talked about their strategy in the bedroom. But the outcome of pregnancy is very likely to be tragic: Maggy the Frog predicted only three children for Cersei, so it is possible that she might lose her baby.