Over time, there has been a lot said about women and their bodies, and one recurring theme has always been that there is a lot of difference between men's and women's body, most especially in terms of body fat and color detection. There is a lot to know about the female body, and more so, there are things most people are oblivious about when it comes to the female body. We've discovered some facts about the female body most people don't know about.

Women have a more flexible neck

If you've paid close attention to how men and women turn their body when they are called out, you will notice that whereas men turn their whole body to respond, women only turn their head.

Why this is so is because the muscle structure in the neck is more elastic and as such, they can turn easily. If you are a lady and you are reading this, do be careful as a study carried out by Loyola University Medical Center revealed that women are more susceptible to neck pain than men.

Women have an amplified sense of hearing when sleeping

Have you found it a bit strange that women jump up at off bed as soon as they hear their baby cry at the middle of the night? Well, it's all thanks to evolution, and with that, women are more sensitive to sound and noise when they sleep. Mind you, this doesn't work for all sounds, it is only effective when the sound/noise is on a steady rise in volume. So, if you are trying to use a soft voice to wake up a lady, there is a high probability that it might not work.

Different breast sizes

It is tough to find women with two symmetrical breasts. This has always been the case, and it shouldn't make you start hitting the panic button. This phenomenon is caused by lots of things such as the volume of breast tissue, different size, and shape of breasts pocket and so on. Mind you, all breasts are beautiful irrespective of the size.

Women are more rational than men

It comes as a surprise for most people when they hear that women are more rational than men. Don't feel bad if you are a man, rationality, and cognitive attributes have all been associated with the thick cortex, and when measured, women possess a much thicker cortex than men. Although men have a larger brain volume and that aids them in decision making and emotions.

Forget what you heard, cellulite is not bad

Let's get some facts right, the term cellulite isn't even a medical term, nor does it have any meanings with obesity, it only relates to a mature woman, and it implies a type of fat accumulation on the buttocks. Statistics through more light into as it is revealed that only one in every 40 women don't have cellulite. All we can say is that cellulite is a common phenomenon found in most women, and it has nothing to do with obesity.

Women get drunk faster than men

Well for those of you who haven't read or heard, women get drunk faster than men do and there is a reason why. You see, women possess a lesser amount of water in their tissues than men do, and this makes it a bit had for women to process alcohol in their body system.

With less water in their tissues, it would also mean that women produce less sweat than men do, and not just that, hemoglobin levels are 12 percent less than that of men.

Women are better at making stronger connections with other people

The big secret behind this is the fact that women have higher oxytocin content. For those who don't know what oxytocin is, it is simply the love hormone, and it facilities building relationships and connections. This love hormone is also the reason why there is a strong connection between mothers and their children.