"The Bold and the Beautiful" now has four monster moms, who are bound and determined to control the lives of their children. Taylor wants Hope with Thomas so she can be a mother to Douglas, who is grieving for Caroline. She believes this will lead Steffy back to Liam. Brooke is determined that her daughter's marriage will remain intact and is outraged that her rival is meddling with the relationships. Quinn does not like, Sally, but loves Flo, and will try to reunite Wyatt with his former friend. Flo's mother Shauna just showed up in LA and refuses to tell her daughter who her biological father is.

These meddling mothers will wreak havoc and cause much heartbreak.

Quinn and Flo have a connection

Denise Richards debuted on "B&B," Thursday, as Shauna. In an interview with USA Today, the actress said she was excited to become a part of daytime television. Her role is as the mother of Flo who used to be close to Wyatt and helped Dr. Bucingham after the baby switch. On Friday, it was revealed that Quinn and Shauna also were good friends years ago. While the two women were talking, Flo became distraught as Quinn said that Bill Spencer was Wyatt's father.

From the look on her face, it could be inferred that Dollar Bill may Shauna's baby daddy. Flo has been begging her mother to tell her who her father is but she has refused thus far.

If indeed Bill Spencer is the biological father of Florence. this will halt Quinn's current plan. She wants to break up Wyatt and Sally, and push Flo in her son's direction. She was planning to use the fact that Ms. Spectra is out of town with her "Grams," to set her scheme in motion.

Brooke and Taylor battle again

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Brooke will continue her vendetta against Taylor, who believes her son should be with Hope instead of Liam.

Brooke has admitted that she believes it's good for her daughter to spend time with Douglas, but not his father. Taylor wants Hope with Thomas so Steffy can reunite with Liam. Both women are determined to make the decision of who their children end up with. These four meddling moms believe they know what is best for their children, and will stop at nothing to get their own way

In the middle of all their manipulations is the fact that Flo knows Beth is really Hope's daughter Phoebe.

When this fact comes out it will change the lives of all who are involved. Wyatt, Sally, Liam, and Steffy will all be affected. More than likely some relationships will end and others will begin. Be sure to be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update these storylines when new information becomes available. Remember to continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS, at 1:30 PM EST.