Michelle Stafford will soon exit her role as Nina on "General Hospital" to portray Phyllis on "The Young and the Restless." Spoiler alerts indicate that there will be much drama and betrayal before he character leaves Port Charles. The truth about the switched DNA test will come to light, which reveals that Sasha is not Nina's daughter. It seems that Valentin did not pay off Brad to change the results. This time, it is Liesl who is to blame. Earlier spoilers suggested that Willow Tate might be the true long-lost daughter, but with Nina leaving town, that scenario may never play out.

The fallout from all the lies and deception will cause much heartbreak.

Liesel deceived Nina

Soap Dirt points out that Liesel has softened towards Valentin because he convinced Peter August to give her a job. The former doctor loves to have secrets she can hold over people's heads and obviously chose to blackmail Valentin rather than tell her niece the truth. Obrecht is also aware that Brad and Lucas died, and that Nelle's child is alive. She will no doubt use this information down the road when it suits her purpose.

Nina has grown to love Sasha and will be devastated to learn she is not her daughter. She will be absolutely floored to know that her husband and her aunt were conspiring against her.

"General Hospital" spoilers insist that Valentin contacted Liesel after he saw Peter and Maxie give the DNA samples to Mr. Cooper.

Nina leaves Port Charles for good

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that many "General Hospital" fans believe that with Michelle Stafford returning to her "Y&R" role of Phyllis, it would be great if Gina Tognoni would become Nina.

If Soap Dirt is correct, however, this indicates that the powers that be have no desire to recast the role. At least not now. If indeed Valentin's wife is leaving town for good, there are several issues that need to be cleared up. Nina does have a daughter and that young woman should be in possession of the other half of the locket that Madelyn left behind.

If indeed Willow Tate is the long-lost child, she has yet to be shown wearing the jewelry and there will need to be some type of discourse between her and her mother before Nina exits. A "GH" April 4 recap is important in that regard. Both Liesel and Valentin will be exposed for the criminal and selfish mindset they have. The result will be that they lose the woman they claim to love so much. Spoiler alerts promise updates to this unsettling storyline as information becomes available, so be on the lookout for them. Continue watching "General Hospital," weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.