On Friday's episode, of "General Hospital," several residents of Port Charles received shocking news that they were not bracing themselves for. Jordan announced to Ava, and later to Laura, that Kevin's evil twin's body has not been located, but the Canadian authorities had in their possession his severed right hand. Immediately Ava had a theory about what happened to her fiancee, although her brother Julian disagreed. The police commissioner, however, said she concurred 100% with Ms. Jerome's assertion of the situation. Laura was also troubled and doubted that her brother in law had finally met his demise.

It's looking like the saga of Dr. Chamberlain will continue a little while longer.

Jordan agrees with Ava's theory

On Thursday, Ava was telling Julian how frightened she is that Ryan is alive and will come after her when Jordan showed up at the door. The police commissioner told the Jerome's that Ryan Chamberlain had been located. She went on to explain that Canadian authorities had confirmed through DNA testing that they had his right hand in their possession. Ava to look as if she had seen a ghost, but went on to describe the scenario that she believes played out with her former fiancée.

Ms. Jerome said that Ryan was a skilled surgeon who could cut with precision, and he was left-handed. She believes he cut off his right hand to keep the one he used to commit his murders.

Julian thought this was preposterous and suggested that the limb was severed during Ryan’s fall from the bridge, He tried to convince his sister that the serial killer is dead, and was stunned when Jordan agreed with Ava. Mrs. Ashford said that without a body there is no way to fully prove with certainty that Dr. Chamberlain is dead and gone.

Laura is doubtful

Jordan had the unfortunate task of telling Ava and Julian, that the Canadian authorities were closing Ryan's case. Ms. Jerome was clearly upset and asked the police commissioner what she planned to do. Mrs. Ashford replied that if DA Dawson decided to follow the lead of the Niagara Falls police, then her hands would be tied.

After Jordan left, Julian was shocked when his sibling said she hoped the serial killer would be found alive, she could kill him herself.

Jordan later phoned Laura and informed her that her brother in law's left hand had been found. Laura looked truly dismayed and disappointed. it was obvious that she is doubtful that Port Charles has seen the last of Ryan Chamberlain. Continue following this storyline through "General Hospital" rumors, spoiler alerts, and recaps. Be sure to continue watching all the Port Charles drama on ABC each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST.