"General Hospital" spoiler alerts reveal that Monica will soon have a new guest living at the Quartermaine house. This will be a bonus for fans who miss the action that used to take place in the home where Edward and Lila raised their family. There has not been much activity at the mansion since the annual Thanksgiving fiasco. No name has been given as to who will be staying with the Q's but there are several possibilities. Michael may stash Willow there to keep her out of the way of Shiloh, or Oscar could spend his last days in the house where his grandmother resides.

There could always be a long lost relative return home or even a new person headed to Port Charles.

Oscar may spend his last days at the "Q" mansion

Celebrating The Soaps reveals that there will soon be a guest staying in the Quartermaine mansion. No name has been given but there are quite a few possibilities. There are a number of relatives who left Port Charles who may come back for a return visit. There are also people living in town who may decide to stay a while with the "Q's." Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Oscar is entering the final days of his young life and that as his time runs out, come forth. Perhaps Monica will offer round the clock nursing care for her grandson before he passes away.

Celebrating The Soaps suggests that Michael may bring Willow to the Quartermaine mansion in order to protect her from Shiloh. Whoever the mystery guest is, fans will enjoy seeing Monica on screen again and involved in a current storyline. The matriarch of the Q clan has been missing during the Ryan Chamberlain revival and has had little input in recent months regarding her grandson's brain tumor.

GH needs to revive Monica's family

The Quartermaine family desperately needs to be revived on "General Hospital." Sadly there are few people left who even bear that name. Ned did change his name from Ashton, but Michael went back to being a Corinthos. Jason continues to go by Morgan and that is the name his son Danny uses. Perhaps when Jonah is reunited with his father, Michael may possibly give his son the name that rightfully should have been his own.

Whoever Monica's mystery guest turns out to be, let's hope he or she will breath new life into the Quartermaine mansion, even if only temporarily. Be on the lookout for "General Hospital" spoiler alerts to update this storyline as information becomes available. Continue watching all the Port Charles happenings each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM, EST.